an early christmas gift

We’ve been toilet training Lorelai for a few months.

I went hard core for one day…we literally sat in the bathroom for hours.

potty 1

It was miserable…for both of us.

potty 3

And, terribly boring for her brother.

The problem was that she wanted to wear underwear, but I told her she had to use the potty.

She refused…and would rip the diaper off and go put underwear on when I wasn’t looking.

Eventually, we agreed she could wear underwear until she asked for a pull-up to go potty.

This worked well for us.

I was still “changing diapers”, but she was learning about what the feeling of needing to go potty felt like.

Eventually, after a little more than a month, I asked her to sit on the potty with her pull-up on when she went potty.

She put up a little fight, but gave in pretty easily after I told her I would give her a chocolate coin each time she sat on the toilet to go potty.

For about a week, this is how we did it.

I solicited her brother’s help and told him that HE would also get a chocolate coin each time Lorelai used the potty.

This was just the incentive he needed to be a great cheerleader!

potty 2

About a week ago, I asked her to try without the pull-up.

She did it.




She asked for a pull-up once.

I told her she could go without it and she said, “Oh yeah!”

#2 took a couple more days and then she was ready to do that on the potty, too!

She hasn’t had an accident.

She wears a pull-up at night and it is usually wet, but has been doing awesome during the day.

Today she even used the toilet at school.

I’m pretty sure my days of changing poopy diapers are over.

Now, that’s a Christmas miracle!

home is…an early Christmas present.

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