wouldn’t change a thing…maybe

My husband and I are way past the newlywed phase.

This October we will have been married 13 years.

If I had it to do all over again I wouldn’t change a lot, but the options for personalization and making your wedding YOURS are truly endless.

Just a quick search on Pinterest will give you all kinds of DIY wedding ideas, tutorials, and inspiring photos.

When we were planning our wedding I thought we were stepping waaaay out of the box by sending our save the date as a newsletter with stories about how we met, etc, our rehearsal dinner invitations on post cards, and {gasp} square wedding invites!

For instance, have you visited Minted, yet?

They have some of the most amazing invites designed by independent designers.

I might have chosen something like this…

or this…

or this…

or, maybe this…

No matter what, there is definitely more to choose from!

Not only does Minted.com offer beautiful invites, but you can also view customer- and designer-created inspiration boards.

For weddings…

Northwest Media Photography by Jenny, see more Minted.com

Northwest Media Photography board by Jenny. See more Minted.com


Nesting Bird by fatfatin, see more baby shower invitations on Minted

Nesting Bird board by fatfatin. See more baby shower invitations on Minted


…and holidays.

Holiday Card by Lauren, see more Minted

Holiday Card board by Lauren. See more Minted

In fact, we ordered our Christmas cards from Minted last year!

And, wouldn’t you know it, we sent out a post card!

how about a giveaway?

Minted would like to give one of you $50 towards a Minted purchase!

To enter, answer one of the following questions as a comment:

If you could change one thing about your wedding what would it be?


If you are dreaming about, or planning a wedding, what is one of the must haves for your special day?


Deadline is Wednesday, May 1st at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Thursday, May 2nd!

home is…time flies when you’re having fun.

11 thoughts on “wouldn’t change a thing…maybe

  1. Maggie says:

    We got married in a little village on the pacific coast in Mexico. It was perfect. 50 of our closest friends and family. Beautiful backdrop. Man of my dreams. Dress of my dreams. I wouldn’t change a thing– except… I regret not wearing a veil during the ceremony. Isn’t that the lamest of regrets?! Anyhow, my mom pushed and I resisted. Wish I would’ve.

  2. Stephanie Precourt says:

    I love Minted and am anxious to send out “new home” cards since we moved across the country! I think about our wedding all the time (14 years this October!!) and I wish it had been smaller and more intimate, and I wish I would have been more carefree about it instead of trying to make my mom & mother in law happy!


  3. Katie says:

    I don’t think I’d change a thing. But if I had to I would have prepared a speech or something for my RD. I cried almost the whole time and I would have spoken more. I relied on my husband. I was too emotional and caught up in details. I also would have kissed more during the 1st dance!

  4. LaShanda says:

    I would have a longer reception. Unfortunately, the venue only offers 4 hour blocks of time.

  5. Megan says:

    I would change the location. We had it at my father and step-mothers country club. I would have it at a park or something similiar if I could go back.

  6. Morgan says:

    If you are dreaming about, or planning a wedding, what is one of the must haves for your special day?

    I’ve been engaged 3 years on may 4th (may the 4th be with you, marrying a nerd!) we’ve finally decided to get hitched September of 2014 I honestly thought these sort of things would never happen for me. Actually Ryan and I met on MySpace in 2006 I wasn’t looking for anything but we kept in touch and in 2009 I flew to Sacramento to meet, it was indeed love at first sight or shall I saw flight?! Any who because we were long distance for many years my most important must have on my wedding day is being together with both family’s and both sets if relatives and friends. We knew getting married no matter what state we chose someone’s side would be hurt due to travel. This is and was a big reason we’ve had a long engagement. Instead of having toasts we’re asking all friends and family from all states to record a toast and our videographer will play it at our reception. So those that can and can’t be with us can still share that special day with us. Our other way of getting everyone involved was my brooch bouquet we asked all friends and family to give a brooch to add in my bouquet. With my fiancées dad passed it was important to have those close near to us. I know Ryan’s dad can’t walk him down to aisle but he will be with us as we both walk down. Family and friends is all we want at our wedding no gifts, no special treatment, no money just come celebrate our love all together. 1,000 miles apart you don’t take much for granted especially dear friends and family!

  7. susan0905 says:

    I was married in 1974. My husband died in 2003. We were only engaged 3 months because my parents had booked a cruise (?!) I would have focused more on the upcoming marriage & what it meant than the wedding.

  8. colorvibrant says:

    My regret is that our wedding pictures were taken at high noon- horrible shadows on our faces since it was a hot summer day. And I wish I hired a professional to take the reception pictures as well as the portraits. We have some fun shots but the quality isn’t that great. However I have heard some horror stories from friends about their pictures so I really am grateful to have ours to remember our special day. Great question! thanks for sharing the giveaway- Minted has great designs and classy products!

  9. angela doran says:

    I loved every single thing about my wedding day-the whole weekend was perfect and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was so dreamy. However, in hindsight, i wish that i would have had a bigger budget for photography. i chose someone that fit into my budget (and oddly who was not an inexpensive choice per se) and looking back, and knowing what i know now, i just wish i’d had about $1000 more for the photography. 🙂

  10. danielle snider says:

    i would change my bridesmaids! ((ekkk!)) sounds terrible. i know. but i wish i had had my brothers beside me. my siblings and my best friend standing beside me would have been better. but thats ok 🙂
    i would also say— i wish i had a better invitation! geeze. after seeing these amazing invites at minted- my boring, standard, off white invites seem so lame!
    perhaps i can win 50 buckaroos of minted stationary and send out some amazing cards to make up for it 🙂 🙂

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