you know what i have learned in the last month?

heat, humidity (low or high), mosquitos, and i don’t get along.

but, cousins, cousins get along…always.

we’ve had a lot of cousin visits this summer.

we are currently visiting ryan’s family in new york.

and, just two weeks ago we were in colorado visiting my family.

cousins on my side of the family…


cousins on ryan’s side of the family…


and, all of our kiddos cousins.

cousin’s are like long lost best friends.

you know the ones where you haven’t talked in years and you pick up right where you left off?!

yeah, that is exactly the kind of friend a cousin is.


older cousins.

younger cousins.

first cousins.

second cousins.

first cousins once removed.

cousins are just awesome.

home is…cousins.

4 thoughts on “cousins

  1. Dr. Duck says:

    Steph, Great blog post on cousins.On my mom’s side of our family I have 54 first cousins! You could not be more right about “cousins” !


  2. Ryan Taddeo says:

    This is a great explanation of cousins “long lost best friends, where you pick up right where you left off.”

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