two weeks left

we still have two weeks of summer break left around here.

although i am ready for the kids to head back to school, i am thankful {while i watch others send their kids off to school this week} that i still have two weeks to suck the marrow out of summer.

on monday i received an email from one of the moms from our friday playgroup. although we haven’t met for a playgroup in a year we still send group emails out to each other on a pretty regular basis to get together with whoever can make it whenever they can. she said that she was planning to go to the enchanted forest with her kids and wondered if anybody would be able to meet them.

my plan for tuesday was to go to oak’s park for the preschool rides, but when i saw her email i decided that the enchanted forest, where we had never been before, was just what we needed to kick start our last two weeks of summer!

enchanted 28

my prince and princess…

enchanted 27

enchanted 26

poor miss muffet…

enchanted 25

enchanted 24

my sillies…

enchanted 23

heading into the hansel and gretel house…uh-oh!

enchanted 22

on to wonderland….

enchanted 21

down the rabbit hole…

enchanted 20

enchanted 19

enchanted 18

enchanted 17

and, a little tea party…

enchanted 16

have to admit, Alice in Wonerland is one of our favorite movies…it will be seen on an outdoor movie night someday.

enchanted 15

enchanted 14

enchanted 13

looking in on the seven dwarfs house…

enchanted 12

the squirrels were making the beds…

enchanted 11

and, then there is this…

enchanted 10

it’s supposed to be the witch from snow white and the seven dwarfs…

enchanted 9

enchanted 8

little red riding hood…

enchanted 7

at the shootin’ gallery…

enchanted 6

comedy theater in the woods – pinocchio…

enchanted 4

miss jill and cade…

enchanted 3

and, nola…who invited us to meet them!

enchanted 2

the western town where reece had his “favorite part of the day”…

enchanted 1

and, one of the “free” slides the kids get a chance to ride on with a genreral admission.

this was an awesome day for our 3-6 crowd…under 2 was not able to do much, and over 8 would probably be bored.

we will go again next year and change a few things:

admission averages $10 for anybody between 3-50 years old

you can bring your own food, so be sure to pack a lunch or snacks

you can re-enter the park with a stamp, so leave you lunch/snacks in a cooler and go back out to eat it (or bring it back in)

all said and done, it was a great day away from home and a spectacular kick off to our last two weeks of summer!

home is..waiting until the last minute.

2 thoughts on “two weeks left

  1. Trace says:

    My old stomping grounds! Enchanted Forest was in my ‘backyard’ growing up. Great pictures Steph, they brought back many good memories Ive had there…love love it! I cant wait to take my nieces and nephew there when they visit from Texas.

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