more than a survivor

Happy October!

10 years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer…during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

10 years ago.

10 years.

She’s a survivor.

Actually, she’s more than a survivor.

She is a loving, creative, beautiful woman who beat breast cancer.

She’ll be getting one of these beautiful Lisa Leonard Designs for hope necklaces.

You can order one, too…personalized just for you…or your mom…or sister…or mother-in-law…or friend.

home is…awareness, hope, and more than surviving.

2 thoughts on “more than a survivor

  1. Julie Catlin says:

    Dear Steph, I more than survived, I flourished because of all the incredible love and support you and everybody lavished on me! The universe supports us and nurtures us when we can open to it’s abundance! I love you Chickadee! mom

    Sent from Julie’s iPad …

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