joy full

Did you see this at Target?

Lit Vintage Tin "Joy" Sign - Brushed Bronze

Well, I did NOT and I have walked the Christmas aisles a couple of times already.

However, I did see it on Instagram, and went right to to see how I could get it.

It was not available for online ordering, but was available for in-store pick up.


I set everything up to pick it up from my regular Target yesterday.

When I brought it home and opened it I was in love, but I knew it could be better.

joy full 2

So, I painted it.

Then I hung it on a piece of wood that has been outside since we moved into our house almost 6 years ago. It’s nice and weathered.

I thought I would like the “JOY” to be horizontal, but the letters were taller than the board.

joy full 3

So, I went vertical.

And, I love it!

This is definitely something that will stay in our house year round.

I started out styling it in our front entry as a Christmas vignette…then I decided against it.

joy full 4

I’m not ready to have Santa and Christmas trees out quite yet and the front entry already has A LOT going on.

So, I moved it to the family room, and styled it for fall.

joy full 1


JOY full.

And, I can change some of the items out to style if for Christmas in a couple of weeks!

{FYI…I know a lot of the stores are already out of stock on this item. Best bet is to check online and see if you can do an in-store pick up…they will hold it for you for 2 days!}

Good luck!

home is…spreading joy.

5 thoughts on “joy full

  1. Courtney (cottagemommy) says:

    This is just perfect! I picked one up today as I commented on your IG picture of it. I already know this won’t get put away with my Christmas stuff and will stay out all year! I didn’t think I would paint mine but yours is so cute…I guess if I painted a board the wood look letters would be cuter…thanks for sharing your great idea! My sister got one today as well and said they had a star and other words…they didn’t have anything else at my Target! Thanks for the inspiration!

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