{field trip} diverted

I completely diverted from my plan this morning and took a field trip downtown.

I made a stop at Goodwill and found some vintage Fisher Price that I don’t have in my collection.

After that, I stopped at Grand Marketplace.

I love strolling through this place looking for treasures and inspiration. Often, I see items that I already have displayed in ways I have never thought of. And, personally, I love seeing the prices that are being asked for things that I have snatched up for bargains while thrifting!

The item I added to my wish list today was this set of wood and metal theater chairs…

field trip 1

I know I can find a spot for them…somewhere!

After that, I kind of ambled my way back towards the highway and got sidetracked by pennant banners stretching across a street…so I stopped.

I wandered.

I found treasures.

My background in office design came pouring back into my mind.

I will go back.

I want this…

field trip 2

and this…

field trip 3

I know. Crazy. BUT, if you take off the pad that is normally used for patients to lay on to be examined and put on a pallet wood or butcher block top…totally cool table!!!

There was an amazing amount of retro office desks…that were all sold. It made me wonder what catalog I might see them in soon…with astronomical prices. Goodness, they were gorgeous. No room in my house, though!

Oh, and walking around the basements of the old buildings with the old furniture…so cool. I love exploring old places and seeing old stuff.

home is…taking a field trip.

3 thoughts on “{field trip} diverted

  1. Rick Taddeo says:

    Wow, mama!!! You may have finally achieved liftoff to Lala Land! 🙂 You either need a much bigger house OR less stuff. Though the theater chairs have a certain quaint charm. Cushions would make them a tad more comfy. Our AMC Lowes multiplex recently installed luxurious, reclining chairs as comfortable (and big) as leather LaziBoys. Fewer seats per theater but folks are loving them.

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