one year goes so fast

I have a new “go to” baby shower gift.

That would imply that I had an old “go to” baby shower gift, but I didn’t.



I made a set of 12 onesies. One for each month of the baby’s first year of life.


The set in the photos was, obviously, made for a baby girl.


I used vintage sheets for the numbers and ironed them on using fusible web.

{For the other set, which was for a boy and is not pictured, I had enough time to stitch around each number with contrasting thread.}



Then we put them in a box and wrapped them up all nice and pretty.


home is… a handmade gift.



16 thoughts on “one year goes so fast

  1. Sharon Bohlen says:

    What a great idea! When my kids were babies, I took a picture on each monthly “birthday” – but I just stuck a post-it note to their chest! This is SO much better!! Love it!

  2. crosstitchery says:

    Great idea! I’m just starting to play with interfacing myself for some quilts, and I’ve seen a few different designs for onesies .. Love the fabric you chose for these 🙂

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