life is messy

Yesterday, I posted the following photo on Instagram with the caption about how I am changing up my cleaning routine and hoping to reduce the clutter that, at times, feels constant in our home .

instagram bedroom

Nice clean bedroom and bathroom, right?

A couple hours later, I posted the following photo with the caption, “oh, a clean house feels so good…”

instagram kitchen and family room

It does. A clean house feels great, however, my WHOLE house was not clean.

So, I posted a third photo just a bit later with the following caption: “in full disclosure, only *part* of the house is clean…the craft table, the office, and the kids rooms are total disasters. tackling the craft table this afternoon, the kids rooms next week (when they are at school), and the office is all @rctaddeo!”

instagram keeping it real

Keeping it real. Giving myself grace.

After that, I ran around the house and snapped the following photos with my phone before we rushed off to pick the little guy up from school.

life is messy 1

In reality, life is messy. Not messy everywhere all the time, but messy.

life is messy 2

Sometimes it’s just the floor.

life is messy 3

Or a table.

life is messy 4

Or, the one slipcovered cushion that got dirty right after you cleaned all of them.

life is messy 5

Sometimes, it’s the entire path that gets you where you need to go and you need to clean up one little mess at a time.

life is messy 6

Sometimes, those messes aren’t messes you made, but you need to clean them up anyway.

life is messy 7

Sometimes, you just shut the door to ignore the mess.

life is messy 8

Sometimes, you need an overview of the messes so you can figure out where to start.

life is messy 9

life is messy 10

life is messy 11

life is messy 12

life is messy 13

Some messes are best taken care of when other’s aren’t around to tell you how to clean it up.

life is messy 14

life is messy 15

life is messy 16

life is messy 17

life is messy 18

Other messes are ones that we might need some help with because we just don’t know how to handle them.

Whether it’s our house, or our life, it gets messy.

Messes can be overwhelming. They can stop us in our tracks. They can keep us from moving forward because we just don’t know which one to start cleaning up first.

Sometimes, I need to focus on the sparkly parts, so I can get motivated to work on the mess.

Just know that we all have messy parts…not just in our house, but in our life.

home is…giving yourself some grace.

11 thoughts on “life is messy

  1. Natalie says:

    I am obsessed with all the globes you have everywhere. I started my collection a year ago and still don’t have that many. I love how you arrange them, too. Very neat! 🙂

  2. fireflies says:

    Such a great post , I like you because you don’t mind to share everything from your house ,especially this part ,messy ,I mean ,the life has this part too ,not only a beautiful part…but people tend to show only the good things and the great parts of their life ,so that’s why I like this post.Something useful and realistic .:)

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