{through the rearview} fall in the flat tops

I took these photos the last time I was up in the Flat Tops of Colorado. IMG_1301 September 2005. IMG_1280 I knew it would probably be the last photos I took up there in a long time as we had just decided to make the move to Oregon.

IMG_1306I made Ryan stop on the way down the road so I could take most of these photos.

IMG_1293Lots of good memories were made up there.

IMG_1294Withe the dogs.
IMG_1303 With family. IMG_1282 With friends. IMG_1305 We camped up there a lot from 2000-2005. IMG_1296 It seems so long ago. IMG_1302 It is one of my favorite places on earth. IMG_1304 IMG_1298 home is…memories of a favorite place.

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