{31 days} world globes

{31 days} header

~secondhand and thrifted~

It all started when I bought this map at IKEA…it’s not secondhand, created, or thrifted, but it started me on my thrifting adventures.

I put it up on the wall and knew instantly that I needed a collection of globes on top of the tall toy storage in the playroom.

vintage playroom 4

I bought a couple of the globes secondhand on Etsy, but if I wanted a collection I needed to find a way to spend a little less money.

vintage playroom 6

So I went to Goodwill for the first time on a mission for globes…I found three that first morning.

vintage playroom 2

Now, I had a collection.

From that point on, I snatched up any and all globes that I could find. I really have NO idea how many I have bought over the last few years.

If I find a duplicate, I make them into globe pendant lights.

I’ve given some away.

I’ve even sold some on Etsy.

I pretty much have a globe in every room in the house.



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