well, hello there november

so, i AM going to finish up the 31 days of secondhand, created and thrifted…i promise.

blogging everyday is serious stuff.

not to mention, a trip to great wolf lodge, a visit from ryan’s mom, the making of costumes, a sinus infection and double ear infection, and celebrating halloween slowed me down a bit.




the good news…now i can throw in some christmas stuff and not feel like everybody will say, “it’s not even halloween yet!”

at any rate, i’m here to blog…not everyday, but i’m here!

the little guy has a couple of days off and today we went to Schoolhouse Electric while his sister was at school.

i am on a lighting kick in our house…changing it up…making it fun.


i have found a couple of cool older fixtures and one needed a special “shade”…i knew Schoolhouse would have it!

then, we came home and cleaned his room…together! it was a mess. so glad that task is done.

we also had our family photos taken last week…Pfaus Photography continues to provide perfect photos for us. check her out if you are local…her mini sessions are perfect for a family with small kids…quick and always in a perfect setting!





oregon offers the most perfect backdrops for family photos!

home is…hello there, november.


5 thoughts on “well, hello there november

  1. myblogbysara says:

    Love your Frozen costumes! Excellent! I’m new with wordpress, my blog is myblogbysara.wordpress.com
    & if you could check it out that’d be great! I’m currently doing a survey where you comment down below on my posts and say what you’d like me to post (anything!) and I’ll try my best to do it.

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