right now

i’ve been in a blogging rut lately. i want to write, but just don’t know what to write about.

meg, over at WHATEVER, posted a list she found on pinterest with writing prompts.

i liked it and am borrowing it.


readingyou’re made for a god sized dream by holley gerth. {i just finished her book you’re already amazing}

playing…xbox. the kids, not me. when they are playing well together i love to listen to their conversations. 

watching…downton abbey. i record it and watch it when the kids are at school.

trying…to stay on top of the housework, but it’s hard. especially with a puppy who likes to get into the bathroom trash cans, the kids toys, and still isn’t fully potty trained.

cookinghomemade granola. you can find the recipe i use here.

eating…about to eat that granola in some greek yogurt with banana.

drinking…water. more water. trying to drink more water.

calling…i called my dad this morning to wish him a happy birthday!

texting…the last texts that i sent and received were about the NCAA national championship football game last night.

pinning…information about bullet journaling. i’m a list maker and a notebook carrier. you can learn more about it on my bullet journaling pinterest board.

tweeting…nothing. i have an account, but rarely use it…i just don’t have time for tweets and reading all of them.

crafting…an idea. nothing tangible…yet. a lot of “mind crafting” and list making.

doing…nothing with my hair. no dyeing. no drying. no straightening. no cutting.

going…to pick the little guy up from school after i eat my yogurt and granola.

loving…my nose piercing!


hating…cleaning the litter box. always. but, i’m the only one who does it, so…

discovering…that my one little word for the year is LOVE.

enjoying…exercise. i have added some new classes and changed up my routine a bit and it feels good!

hoping…to learn to use my new camera. like, use it manually. i got the nikon d7000 for christmas and i am a bit {a lot} intimidated by it!

celebrating…well, i wish i was celebrating a denver broncos or oregon ducks win, but i’m not because they didn’t. so, just celebrating that we still have playoff football this weekend! i love football.

smellingthieves essential oil being diffused through our new home diffuser. i just started using essential oils from young living and i LOVE them!

thanking…mother nature for a beautiful sunny january day in the pacific northwest. it’s cold {relatively speaking}, but it’s sunny.

considering…running a half marathon this year, but i don’t like running for more than an hour…that might be a problem.

finishing…putting the very last of the christmas decorations away. the shiny brites go up first and come down last. i am finally putting the wreaths that i made from them back in the attic.

starting…to feel a cold coming on…scratchy throat, runny nose. what do you use to fight off the cold or flu? oils? sleep? nyquil? any good home remedies? please share!

home is…sometimes using writing prompts.

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