summer 2015: 4/89

7:45 am… yes, baby girl and i slept in!!

we went into the village for coffee and breakfast. the kids were TIRED. lots of late nights.

10:00 am…bike ride and walk with the kids and dogs.

11:00 am…mini golf, bumper cars, and goody’s.

1:00 pm…on the road back home!

5:00 pm…HOME to this…

junco nest

i opened the side garage door to let the dogs into the yard and a bird flew from the basket. i noticed the plants were drooping, so i went to get a bucket to water them. when i came back, momma flew again, and i looked into the hanging basket to find this.

after researching, and getting a good look at momma, it seems that it is  an Oregon dark-eyed junco nest.

hoping i can help momma hatch healthy babies.

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