summer 2015: 5/89

up before 6 am this morning, which was ok because we got to bed early {at least the kids and i did…i have not idea when ryan went to bed}.


i blogged this morning.

lots of thoughts and feelings running through my head.

the kids watched videos on my ipad and iphone.

i didn’t get around to making them breakfast until 10:30…they decided that they were ok with brunch. it’s summer, after all.

11:00 am…i went outside to water my flowers. it has always been one of my favorite quiet things to do. it’s not so quiet now that a water hose crazy dog just wants to play the entire time.

i got to the last hanging basket. the one with the nest. i decided to just water it with a jar of water as to not get water onto or into the nest.

it was empty.

empty nest

just before i decided to go outside i saw the momma {or, poppa} on the fence and, although you can’t see it, there is a bird on the nest in this photo i took through the window in ryan’s office.

an Oregon dark-eyed junco.

i’m sure a bigger bird, raccoon, cat, possum or something got in there.

so sad.

12:10 pm…i just peeked out the window at the hanging basket. the momma is on the nest. maybe she’ll try again?! i don’t know how it works. does she know the eggs are gone?

basket{you can’t see her, but she’s there}

2:00 pm…i signed the kids up for the kids bowl free program this summer. today, a friend from our friday playgroup sent out an e-mail about bowling to stay out of the heat! yes, please. the kids and i needed something to do, it is on our summer list, and staying out of the sun is a good idea after getting too much sun over the weekend!

we had a great time. it was good for the kids to play with some faces they don’t normally see, good for me to see faces i don’t get to see often enough, and now {at 4:30 pm} we are all happily relaxing at home.

 6:30 pm… bake cookies because it is on the summer list. i asked the kids what they wanted to cross off the list today {before we decided to go bowling} and reece chose “bake cookies”. i figured it was a good thing to do..especially since we didn’t officially eat dinner.

now we get to cross two things off our summer list. 4 down, 28 to go!

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