summer 2015: 8/89

the kids slept in!

7:00 am is sleeping in at our house.

8:30 am…still in pi’s sipping coffee. baby girl is working on a learning packet {her third in 2 days…i’m going to need to come up with a reward for extra work}!

the little guy has had sniffles and a cough for a few days, so i think some good rest time will be in order today. it’s been an exciting first week of summer break!

9:00 am…baby girl finished a 4th learning packet, and i decided to give her an extra 30 minute screen time ticket {you can find all kinds of ideas for screen time tickets on pinterest}. we’re working on controlling screen time this summer and using screen time tickets for iPad, iPhone, and ps4 play. they get some freebies with morning TV, but they always want to play on the games, so i need a way to limit it.

working with the little guy on his learning packet is fun. they are definitely more challenging and he needs my help, but i love sitting with him. i am excited that they look forward to working the packets…and hoping that the fact that i will sit and work on them with them helps to encourage their learning.

2 thoughts on “summer 2015: 8/89

  1. Melissa says:

    We started doing worksheets over this summer too. I just bought each boy a workbook for the grade they are entering from Sam’s Club, then ask them to complete 2 pages a day. So far it’s been pretty stress free and it’s interesting to see how much my 4 year old who will be starting his first year already knows just from being around his big brother doing his homework. Plus, I love to see my big helping my little with his pages.

    Here’s to a great summer!

  2. Kathy says:

    Your interest is certainly stimulating theirs…. sounds like they may be ready to start creating “problems” or pages for themselves or for each other…. or maybe for you and Poppa!…

    Your summer plan of some structure, some spontaneity appears successful already… Congrats

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