summer 2015: 35/89

this morning is loud.

the little guy is playing plants vs zombies with his cousin in new york.

baby girl is having conversations with siri.

i have been taking advantage of my 2 hours of childcare at our health club the  last two days.

both days i took yoga classes. goodness i love yoga.

yesterday i also walked on the treadmill…just 2 miles.

while i walk on the treadmill i love to people watch. it is amazing to me how many people use exercise to socialize…especially at our health club.

don’t get me wrong, i love that i get to see friends, neighbors, and acquaintances from all aspects of my life when i am there. however, i have NEVER been one to treat my exercise time as a social hour.

i get in, do my exercise, and get out.

it’s my quiet time.

my time to recharge.

this morning, i came across this article. i really could have written it myself.

the kids got to play online on our ps4 with their cousin in new york.

they miss him.

i really hope he can come visit us in oregon.

i promised the kids a pool day today.

i took them to the health club childcare and ran on the treadmill.

3.5 miles.

did i tell you i am training for a half-marathon?


oh yeah, i just decided today.

i’m not actually signed up for a race, but i am going to train like i am.

i started the hal higdon half marathon training program…i bought the app for my phone.

it all started because i bought new running shoes this morning.

actually, they were free.

i had gift cards, rewards dollars, $10 off coupon, and they were on sale.

i got a penny back.

i bought the same kind i purchased a year ago…that i was still wearing.

brooks. ghost 7.

new running shoes feel good.

so, i’m going to run a half marathon.

or, at the very least, train like i am.

we stayed at the pool a couple of hours and then the kids were done.

it was crowded and baby girl didn’t have a friend to play with so she got bored.

i really think she was tired.

salmon for dinner tonight

try this recipe:

  • salmon {we have copper river sockeye salmon that we bought fresh and froze}
  • green beans
  • kalamata olives
  • grape tomatoes
  • feta
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper

put salmon on foil {enough to wrap around everything}. salt and pepper. drizzle with olive oil.

add a layer of green beans on top. be generous.

add kalamata olives, tomatoes, and feta.

drizzle all with olive oil. add salt and pepper.

wrap up in the foil.

bake, or put on grill until salmon is flaky.

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