summer 2015: 41/89

this morning is lovely.



just what i have wished for.

the forecast looks like we won’t even make it out of the 70’s today.



just spent an hour looking through old photos on my computer…








DSC_0005they were so little…not so long ago.


it took me almost the entire class to finally release and let my muscles and mind relax.

i was going through a list, reminding myself to breathe, going through another list, reminding myself to breathe.

it’s all good.

this evening, while i was preparing dinner, baby girl started this conversation:

bg: “mommy, what is most appropriate for our family?”

i wasn’t sure what she meant by most appropriate, but i use that word often when talking about behavior, so i gave her my answer.

me: “to be kind.”

bg: getting up off of the sofa to walk into the kitchen, “i was thinking love.”

me: “oh, yes. love is very appropriate for our family. i like that answer.”

the little guy had been listening and enthusiastically chimed in.

lg: “no. no. no.”

me: “what do you think is most appropriate for our family?”

lg: “god and jesus. always.”

me: “oh, yes, you are right, too.”

i was so proud of their answers…especially considering the arguing and recent discussions about appropriate behavior lately, that at the core they have learned what is most important, and appropriate, for our family.

me: “you know what? they both are most appropriate for our family because god is love.”

2 thoughts on “summer 2015: 41/89

  1. Megan says:

    Those answers brought tears to my eyes….beautiful! This is a conversation you will revisit over and over again. A sweet little treasure to cherish.💜

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