summer 2015: 43/89


on the road again…

for this adventure we are actually hitting the road…driving north to beautiful lake pend oreille.

we’ve got a stop or two to make along the way…

everything was ready. all my lists were checked. everything was packed.

everything but my phone.

i used it last night.

played a silly game (frozen free fall) that i am addicted to.

the phone died, and i went to bed.

for the life of me i cannot remember where i put the phone before i actually fell asleep.

i turned our house upside down for two hours!

took all the beds apart.

looked in the bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, even the refrigerator.

the battery was dead.

i have no idea why i didn’t just plug it in to charge.

i was a frazzled mess.

in tears.

how was i supposed to drive six hours, alone with the kids, and not have my phone?!

i finally decided that we just needed to get on the road.

we got starbucks and i made the decision that i was going to stop at verizon and buy a phone.

there were 12 people in line ahead of us.

we turned around and left.

we made it to kennewick and found a verizon store.

nobody in line.

they looked up my account, but couldn’t find it.

i figured that it was under ryan’s phone number.

it was, but he has not given me authorization to change anything on the account.

are you kidding me?!

normally, i would just call him and have him give authorization.

the problem is that he is in the middle of nowhere central oregon for a go ruck navigator event.

no cell phone coverage…and even if they did have it they normally aren’t allowed to have their cell phones on.

no new phone for me.

once again, i was in tears.

frustrated that i didn’t just plug my phone in to charge.

frustrated that i didn’t have access to my own cell phone account.

frustrated about the entire situation.

somebody did not want us traveling with technology today.

before we left, i grabbed my ipad and it only had a 35% charge.

i couldn’t find my car charger.

i don’t have a plug in charger.

i sent ryan an imessage, that he probably won’t get until sunday, to let him know i did not have a phone.

the little guy tried to turn on his leap pad, the only electronics we had left, and it was dead.

baby girl had hers, so they very sparingly used her leap pad and my ipad for entertainment on the drive.

we ended up talking, listening to music (at least we got a new stereo put in the car last week), and looking at the scenery.

road tripping old school style.

eventually, after we stopped to get some food at safeway, i got my computer out and they watched jungle book.

that got us within an hour of our destination for the night…spokane.

we pulled into the valet for the davenport hotel ready to get settled and get in touch with my parents. we are meeting them at lake pend oreille tomorrow, and i knew that they were wondering why i hadn’t called or posted something on instagram.

at check in i was informed that we had been upgraded to a suite…things were looking up.

when we got to our room i dropped our bags and burst into tears…again.

these were thankful tears for a large space for us to settle into for the night.

the suite was beautiful.

i called my parents, sent an email to ryan (which he probably won’t receive until sunday), and the kids and i went downstairs to explore.

a few years ago i stayed here for a girls weekend with one of my friends. we went to the farm chicks show and stayed in the davenport tower. we spent the evening after the farm chicks show exploring and reading all the history of the hotel.

the kids like running around and exploring, but aren’t so much interested in the history of the hotel.

the little guy did like this photo of a car being brought up to the mezzanine level in 1915.

after exploring, we went back up to the room to order room service.

we used some of ryan’s marriott rewards points for the room, so i promised the kids that we could order room service for dinner.

with the huge suite, we had plenty of room to spread out and eat.

they were not huge fans of the “fancy food”, but liked the experience.

after dinner we went to explore the basement…where the spa, fitness room, and POOL are.

the kids decided they wanted to swim, so we got their swimsuits and had the whole place to ourselves for a bit.

trying to get to bed early for a big day tomorrow.

hopefully, there will be fewer tears…from me.

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