summer 2015: 45/89

a rainstorm woke me up somewhere after 3 am.

baby girl also woke up and we snuggled until she fell back to sleep.

by 4 am i figured that sunrise was in just one hour and that i should probably just stay up and watch my first sunrise from sunrise bay.

{july 25} sunrise

{july 25} eagle 2

{july 25} eagle

{july 25} eagle 3

so, here is sit, watching the bats catch their last bites of food before heading to sleep and listening to the eagles wake up to start their hunts for the day.

we drove down to bayview so my mom and uncle could bring the sailboat up to the house.

after we got back to the house and went for a swim we took a boat down to see how they were doing.

{july 25} sailing 2

{july 25} sailing 3

{july 25} sailing 4so fun to see them sailing.

{july 25} sailing 5

{july 25} sailing 6

{july 25} sailing 7

{july 25} sailing 8

{july 25} sailing 9

{july 25} sailing 10

{july 25} sailing 11our ride back to the house was RAINY…quite and adventure.

they followed just 20 minutes behind.

it continued to rain.

so, we hunkered down and just relaxed for the evening.

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