{milestones} baby girl is six

I asked her some questions this morning to get a feel for how SHE feels at six.

  • favorite color: hot pink
  • favorite toy: elsa doll
  • favorite t.v. show: the thunderman’s
  • favorite game: minecraft
  • favorite snack:  chips and guacamole
  • favorite animal: turtle
  • favorite holiday: christmas
  • favorite book: i believe i can fly
  • favorite song: sugar by maroon 5
  • what do you take to bed: puppy
  • favorite food: meatballs
  • favorite thing to do outside: ride my new bike
  • what do you want to be when you grow up: ice skating teacher
  • what are you most grateful for: ice cream
  • favorite part of the day: school
  • what makes you happy: mom
  • what are you scared of: bugs
  • what makes you special: i’m silly

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