{october 2} happy corners of our home

if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know i love color.

if you are new, you will learn that i love color.

the thing is, i keep the big pieces of furniture neutral (wood tones, solids, white) and accent with color in my artwork, rugs, pillows, and accessories.

this makes things easy to change up.

in fact, if i decided tomorrow that i no longer like color and want to go with a neutral design scheme in our home, i could do it.

would it cost me money?


but, it wouldn’t cost more than changing out a few rugs (or just putting them in storage) and changing out accessories and artwork (which i get a lot of at thrift stores and garage sales OR i make myself).

would it take time?


but, this is my passion. i love to design spaces.

and, while i am home to take care of my kiddos, i end up changing out our own spaces on a regular basis.

actually, who am i kidding, i did this before kids and when i was working full time for design firms.

in fact, i did it when i was young, when i was single, and long before i went to school for interior design.

at any rate, this little corner has a little bit of everything…color, wood tones, black and white.

october 2

this little tennis ball basket holding vintage fisher price xylophones has been a favorite accessory of mine for years. kids love to get them out and play with them, and when they are not being played with they brighten up this little happy corner of our home!

  • tennis ball basket: goodwill
  • fisher price xylophones: goodwill
  • rug: IKEA
  • shelves and baskets: IKEA (discontinued )

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