{october 11} happy corners of our home

the kids’ bathroom needs some major work…that we will get to eventually.

for now, i make it happy with bright DIY vintage artwork.

i bought inexpensive colored frames at ikea and target and put in sight word cards, and a vintage map puzzle.

i backed them with scrapbook paper!

i also like to use towel hooks instead of towel racks. it’s easier for the kids to hang their towels up!
october 11

One thought on “{october 11} happy corners of our home

  1. rachelanncho says:

    I’m new to your blog and I am loving it so much already. I love this idea. I’m always looking for creative ways to fill up dead space on my walls. Most the time I do okay, but for some reason, bathrooms are hard for me! I like to avoid the overused “wash, brush, flush” type signs so this is a refreshing, unique take on kids’ bath decor. Thanks for sharing!

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