{twenty sixteen} first ramblings

10 years ago  i woke up…

in a new house…

in a city i had only visited once before…

only knowing a handful of people…well really, fewer than you can count on one hand.

this morning i woke up…

in our home of almost 8 years…

in a city that feels like home…

with my children snuggled up under blankets…

and, my husband on a conference call in his home office.

twenty sixteen.

already giving us surprises…welcome ones.

today,  the kids were supposed to be headed back to school, but they are not.

we are enjoying a slow morning.

a dusting of snow, freezing temperatures, and then freezing rain on top of that has shut down our city.

as much as i am ready to get back into a routine, get the house clean, and figure out what i am going to do with this brand new year, i am thankful to have one more slow day to spend with our family.

home is…new year surprises.

One thought on “{twenty sixteen} first ramblings

  1. Kathy says:

    What a terrific way to end the holiday vacation… a surprise snow/ice day! What are they predicting for tomorrow? We have had a very cold day though mostly dry… begins to warm up tomorrow and then 40s Wed… looks like we are switching weather across the country!

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