learn something new

i received a new camera body a couple of years ago.

just like my blog posts have become fewer and far between since i loaded instagram on my iphone, my photography with my big camera(s) has also lessened.

it’s just so easy to snap a photo with my iphone, which is usually in my pocket.

last year, i had hoped to learn to use my big camera in manual mode as i have always just used automatic mode. it just didn’t happen.

again, so easy to pull my iphone out of my pocket to snap a photo.

however, i REALLY want to learn how to take better photos and use my big camera(s) to capture more of our life!

so, my first stop is back at ashley’s snapshop!

i actually signed up for her basics of DSLR course the first time she offered it online.

the bad news…i never really kept up with the content as it was being presented and never took the time to go back and learn it.

the good news…now, i use a monthly subscription to her snapshop online to view the DSLR course…and the iphone course…and all of the additional lessons that she (and others) add!

so, i’m going to start today and try to spend 30 minutes a day learning my big camera(s)!

i hope post some of my photos here along with notes from my journey…stay tuned.

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