{milestones} golden eight

Lola celebrated her golden 8th birthday on the 8th.

This girl burst into our world on her own schedule eight years ago and she has been a shining light since that day.

She continues to be one of the most positive people I have ever known.

She manages to find the good in almost everything.

She is a loyal friend.

She is a loving sister.

She is a helpful and caring daughter.

She loves gymnastics, drawing, writing, notebooks, pencils, people, puppies, and pigs.

She makes my heart happy.

Press play…

I asked her some questions to get a feel for how SHE feels at eight.

  • favorite color: teal and shrimp
  • favorite toy: ipod
  • favorite t.v. show: jessie and raven’s home
  • favorite game: minecraft and hide & seek
  • favorite snack: extra cheddar goldfish
  • favorite animal: pig
  • favorite holiday: thanksgiving and christmas
  • favorite book: junie b. jones and ivy and bean
  • favorite song: no place like you and take the world by storm
  • what do you take to bed: puppy and sleep mask
  • favorite food: steak
  • favorite thing to do outside: climb on ninja line/slack line
  • what do you want to be when you grow up: wildlife photographer or teacher
  • what are you most grateful for: my family and friends
  • favorite part of the day: being on my ipod
  • what makes you happy: hanging out with family and piggies
  • what are you scared of: the dark and spiders
  • what makes you special: my positive attitude

One thought on “{milestones} golden eight

  1. Julie Catlin says:

    Lorelai is such a unique and special child! Her love of life and people show us what Christ was trying to teach us! Love one another! She is amazing! We needed this today😘 Love , Meme

    Sent from Julie’s iPad


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