{wellness wednesday} mother nature and mother nurture

i have had a little one home with me all week.

i am so thankful to be able to easily make the choice to have them home with me when they are not feeling well. and, while i may not get the things done that i normally would do while they are at school, i don’t have to take a personal day or worry about getting a sub when they need to be home. what a blessing.i have been topically applying snifflease to her chest and thieves on her back. RC and raven have been in the diffuser. snuggles, christmas movies, snacks, and plenty of fluids all day long.

no toxins.

no chemicals.

just mother nature and mother nurture at our house.

essential oils are not going to keep our kids from staying home from school once in a while, but they will help support their bodies systems to get back above the wellness line.

if you are interested in finding out more about how to support your body and keep your family above the wellenss line, leave a comment or contact me!


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