valentine’s day 2013: you color my world friend

I am happy to say that my kids agreed to give their friends something that is NOT candy this year!  

We’ve decided on ideas for each of them, but have to wait until this weekend to put them together.

Until then, I thought I would revisit our no candy valentines from years past…this one is from 2013.


color my world 4

I found these adorable crayon packages at Target (in 2013, but haven’t seen them since)…you can currently find them here.

color my world 7

Tear pages out of the atlas (you can purchase an atlas here).

color my world 5

Cut out heart shapes…about 6″ large.

color my world 2

Glue a crayon pack onto one side of the heart.

color my world 6

Write “You color my world, friend!” on the other side.

color my world 9

Sign your name.

color my world 3

Share the love!

color my world 8

home is…homemade valentines.



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