Summer 2019: the halfway point

We’re halfway through our summer break here in the Pacific Northwest.

Today felt like the first Saturday in a LONG while were we did not have to be anywhere or really do anything.

Realistically, as I type that I am realizing that is true for only half of our family. The boys got on the road this afternoon to go on a fishing adventure to celebrate Reece’s 12th birthday.

Lorelai and I, however, are still lounging on the sofa.

Truthfully, I had a couple days this week where all I did was relax. After we returned from of weekend lacrosse tournament in Central Oregon we were all beat. The kids and Ryan were sick with a head cold and I think I was doing everything to keep from getting sick…including a lot of reading.

I’ll get back to what I have been reading later. For now, I want to do a brief recap of our Summer 2019 adventures up to now.

Our adventures really started before the kids got out of school for the Summer.

Lorelai and I road tripped to Spokane, Washington for The Farmchicks Show with our mom and daughter besties! We enjoyed a weekend of girl time while the boys had their own boys weekend at home.

When they returned to school Reece took part in the Junior Rose Parade with all of the 5th graders from his school.

We hopped in the car again to drive to Sunriver where we joined Ryan for a work trip and enjoyed time together in our friends beautiful Sunriver condo!

Horseback riding, pool, fishing, golf, and bike rides to see horses kept us busy.

Ryan’s parents arrived a few days after our return and we closed out the end of the school year with Field Day, a 5th grade promotion ceremony, and a celebration at the park with friends.

Father’s Day and my birthday were celebrated while Ryan’s parents visited.

The next weekend we went to the Tigard Festival of Balloons…unique annual event within walking distance of our house. Carnival rides, beer garden, henna, hot air balloons, and lots of steps walking to and from the park a couple times each day of the weekend.

While all of our summer fun was happening, Reece was also practicing 2-3 times a week for a travel lacrosse team. Ryan and Reece flew down to California for his first lacrosse tournament the last weekend of June. California sunshine, travel fun with teammates, half a season of games, and a visit to in-n-out filled their California days.

Lorelai and I had our own adventures a little closer to home. Paddle boarding and an amazing early 4th of July celebration with friends.

The kids and I took a day trip to the Oregon Coast to see one of the lowest tides of the year on July 3rd. We are so blessed to be able to get in the car and drive less than two hours to soak in such beauty.

On July 4th at 12:00am. Wait, let me start over. On July 3rd at 11:55 pm, Lorelai and I woke up from a couple hours of slumber to watch the entire Season 3 of Stranger Things right after it was released. No spoilers here, but it was intense and left us asking lots of questions. She continued to stay up for 23 hours until she crashed after watching 4th of July fireworks. I, on the other hand, took multiple naps on the 4th of July and it still took me a couple more days to recover.

Reece’s 12th birthday was on the 5th of July and we celebrated with bowling and ice cream with friends.

We caught our breath for a couple of days and ended up planning a spur of the moment camping trip. Lorelai had been wanting to camp since winter break and I decide that we should make it happen. It was a lot of effort, but I venture to say that we all thought it was worth it. I will write more about that adventure in another post.

Once again, a few days at home to catch up on regular life and we were on the road again to Central Oregon for the last lacrosse tournament of the summer. We stayed in a charming Airbnb near downtown Bend and got to spend a bit of time away from the lacrosse fields.

And, that puts us here. In the middle of Summer 2019. It’s been full. Really full. And, I am so thankful for all of the fun that I get to have with my kiddos each and every summer.

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