i have a story to tell

it’s a story of love over fear.


my kids were put back in online school due to the virus. cases were high, they said. they couldn’t keep the schools staffed, they said. so, back to temporary online schooling.

the kids both got the virus. clearly, they had been exposed at school, at a concert, at practice, at a sporting event, and out in the world. just like everybody else.

there is no stopping omicron.

the good news. online school. like many other kids, my kids were able to be at home to get healthy and still be able to do their schoolwork.

within just a couple days they were both back to normal.

what were their symptoms? headache, fatigue, fever, cough, congestion. they both said it was no worse than a cold.

in addition to of all of this, my son broke his leg right before they transitioned to temporary online school. he was on crutches and definitely needed some help getting around. his body was healing from a broken bone and the virus.

and, yes, i do understand it can be much worse than a cold, but this is OUR STORY and i want to make sure that the “hey it was not big deal” stories are told, too. they are not going to make it to the media, but it sure would be nice if we piled them up somewhere because i am sure there are a lot of them out there.

how did we get through it? rest, fluids, healthy food, LOVE. i also started the kids on this protocol minus the anti-virals. we did not mask in the home. i did not isolate them in their rooms. i cared for them just as i would anytime they are not feeling well. we watched shows together on the couch, and i snuggled them and comforted them when they needed it. they are middle schoolers, and didn’t need constant care, but i was there for them.

the kids have been taking regular vitamin d3 and probiotics. in early january, when the kids returned to school after winter break we added a nasal spray and mouthwash to our daily routine. they used the mouthwash two times a day and the nasal rinse when they returned from school or any crowded indoor event (concert, mall, practice, sporting event, etc.).

as much as i (and the kids) were dreading online school, it was really a blessing in disguise. neither one of them had to miss school due to the virus, my son was able to rest his leg and not miss out on school, and all the other activities that would have been keeping us busy were on hold.

through it all, i never had a symptom. i tested each time my kids tested (luckily, i had stocked up on at home tests and we had plenty). negative every time.

what did i do different? i had been taking most of the things on the prevention protocol since early 2021. namely vitamin d3, vitamin c, quercetin, zinc, and melatonin. in addition i was taking glutathione. and, on a regular basis i have always been taking supplements from young living. if you  would like more information on those, feel free to send me an email at health@stephanytaddeo.com

i have to be honest, the ONLY thing i did different was taking ivermectin. I got mine here, but you can also get it here.

so, that’s the story i have to tell. nothing remarkable, yet so remarkable. again, if we piled up all the stories like this and told them to the world we might have an entirely different outlook. i hope we can tell more stories of love. of taking care of each other and not judging.

i’ll be back here to do it more often. see you soon.

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