14 thoughts on “our home

  1. Jess@drivemecrazyx6.com says:

    And these pictures are even better than the ones I just commented on! Love the colors!! Very inspiring, makes my own home look boring! 🙂

  2. emilieaallen2 says:

    You and my daughter think alike with fabulous design…love every room and the pant hangers…no way! Now I need to got to the thrift stores and get mine back. I see you are also an Oregonian…We lived there on the Oregon coast since 1986..from Brookings to Gold Bach, Now Newport/Toledo. Sons are in the big cities also…Portland/Eugene/Medford. The best kept secret is all I can say since I am from MN. Lovely children you shared with us and your gentle touch of your thoughts. Blessings…EM

  3. Danielle says:

    Oh my goodness. I am in love with your home. I, too, appreciate vintage touches and artifacts, and I find it inspiring the way you have incorporated them into every room in your home. I could spend hours looking at every thing you have tucked away in there. Thanks for sharing photos of your home! It is lovely.

  4. carin says:

    lovely, just lovely. your home is so charming and eclectic and cozy! I love the vintage mixed with modern and the little girl room reminds me of what I’ve tried to do with my little girl’s room. Gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m hooked!

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