…by another Craft Weekend!

I don’t know how Meg does it!

I’ve pinned some of my favorites to my Pinterest boards.

For those of you not on Pinterest I will share them with you here…

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I’m still thinking of hosting a craft weekend of my own somewhere at the Oregon Coast…wouldn’t that be fun?!

By the way, I haven’t been blogging as much because I have been completely obsessed with some projects in my home. Hopefully I will be able to blog about them pretty soon.

Thanks for sticking with me…

home is…inspiration.

life is good, but random today…

So, I’ve got some random today.

First, I hope to have the {colton} and {cadence} dolls made before the giveaway is over.

I know it would be nice to SEE what you might get, but I kind of like the element of surprise, too.

You can get and idea of what they *may* look like here.

Maybe it will just be the fabrics…

Second, I am so inspired by Meg.

I never wrote about her first craft weekend, but I know I emailed the link to a few friends and family. I am now on her waiting list.

She hosted her second craft weekend last weekend.

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More than anything, I would love to “host” a craft weekend of my own! Who wants to come out to the Oregon Coast and stay at a fabulous home on Bella Beach?


Let me know if you are interested…maybe we can make something happen!

Third, I’ve been making these for days.

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Not sure what to do with them…decoration…Valentines gifts for preschool teachers…giveaway?!

Fourth, please check out another favorite blogger and what she has to say about raising a child with Down’s Syndrome.

I could not get the video to embed correctly, so please click on the link or visit her Facebook page or website.

I just think that what she has to say is really, really important.

And, lastly, life is good.

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home is…changing something if you need to.