…by another Craft Weekend!

I don’t know how Meg does it!

I’ve pinned some of my favorites to my Pinterest boards.

For those of you not on Pinterest I will share them with you here…

Source: via stephany @ on Pinterest

I’m still thinking of hosting a craft weekend of my own somewhere at the Oregon Coast…wouldn’t that be fun?!

By the way, I haven’t been blogging as much because I have been completely obsessed with some projects in my home. Hopefully I will be able to blog about them pretty soon.

Thanks for sticking with me…

home is…inspiration.

3 thoughts on “inspired…

  1. darcielantz says:

    Steph – Saw your comment on Meg’s Craft Weekend blog and came on over. We hosted our own Craft Getaway this past weekend (just happened to be when hers was.) I figured, we can’t all fit in her house at once, and I know there are hundreds of amazing ladies who want to! So we did one at my parents’ house. So fun! You should totally do one over there on the coast. And maybe we can all do one together sometime! There are a few pics of ours on my blog. Come on over!

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