the perfect mason jar tumbler…and a coupon code

If you know me in real life you have probably seen me carrying around one of these…


My friend, Erin, {@tweetpotatopie on IG…go follow her feed…it’s gorgeous and she is so creative} has created the perfect vintage mason jar tumblers complete with glass straws and lids.

These are NOT the reproduction mason jars…they are the real vintage jars!

Her etsy shop is now FULL of tumblers perfect for holiday gift giving. Think hostess gift, teachers gift, or a gift for yourself!


For this new batch she has teamed up with the mason bar company who is now supplying the lids!


She has even added gorgeous hand-decorated burlap bags perfect to use for your gift giving.


And, even better?! She has given me a coupon code to share with YOU! Use the code “stephanylove15” to get 15% off your order of $10 or more!

Go, now. Shop. Give handmade. And, buy one for yourself, you won’t regret it!

homeis…using stephanylove15 at to save 15% on your order of $10 or more.

wednesday random

Well, happy December!

Better late than never, huh?

We had a great visit with my parents, then I got sick, then it got cold.

The house is in disarray, but it’s warmer today and I am feeling better.

I actually got to shower BEFORE I took the kids to school…well, that was because I was helping with Art Literacy in Reece’s class and I figured I should be showered and dressed.

It was fun…we did a Picasso project. I love volunteering in the classroom. I am so blessed to be able to do it!

A couple of things i have pinned lately…

I absolutely LOVE this paint by number inspired tree!


 And, Serena may have inspired our family ornaments this year…so easy!!

photo 2

Did you see these typewriters in the most recent Anthropologie catalog? Beautiful, but $700?! I may just spray paint a couple of the ones I have in my garage!

photo 3

I finished up our Christmas cards this week. They went out in the mail yesterday! I will give you a more detailed view soon {yes, I did SEW mini paper bunting on over 100 cards}!

photo 1

I also made this vintage ornament wreath. Meg made one a few years ago and Erin (@tweetpotatopie) inspired me to finally make one with some of the vintage ornaments I found last year {do you remember I found an entire huge plastic tub of vintage ornaments at goodwill for $4?! I haven’t been so lucky this year}. The wreath is small…maybe only 14″ in diameter, but so much fun! I LOVE it!

So, tomorrow I clean the house and get ready to enjoy the holidays…and finish painting the cabinets and walls that I started way back in June…I told Ryan I would have it done by the end of the year. Nothing like procrastination, right?

home is…home for the holidays.

christmas unwrapped

I haven’t had the words to write lately.

I haven’t even taken as many photos as I would have liked, but I soaked up the holidays.









christmas program





Lorelai didn’t want to stand up on stage and sing with her classmates.






Reece was an “old pro” as a kindergartner. He nailed his lines, kept his costume on, and even sang a little bit!




santa at playgroup


Reece brought a handwritten note…


and necklaces that he made especially for Santa.



Lorelai was brave and sat in his lap and told him she wanted a princess watch and a sleeping bag.


After eating and drinking, we went caroling…a new favorite tradition!


our home








































And, just like that, it’s over.


Ryan and I decided that we need to have something to do on Christmas Day after the presents are opened.

We’re thinking of heading up to the mountain for some fun in the snow next year!

What do you do on Christmas Day?

home is…Christmas wrapped up.

{colton+cadence} it’s official

colton+cadence is officially open for business.

While my first thought for colton+cadence ran along the handmade lines I have decided that selling some vintage finds is how I want to start out my little venture.

Along with my recent collection of globes I have also started collecting vintage Pyrex!

Some of the treasures that I have chosen not to keep are for sale at colton+cadence!

Don’t you worry, handmade is sure to come…just when I have a bit more time.

A little bit vintage, a little bit handmade.

That’s what colton+cadence is about.

home is…a little bit vintage, a little bit handmade.

teacher appreciation, collections, and a giveaway

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7th-11th).

Last year I missed Teacher Appreciation Week altogether.

I was also late with my end of the year teachers gifts.

This year, with a little thrifting and creativity I have my gifts ready early.

Inspired by some ideas on Pinterest and my collection of globes I made these…

I am going to attach a card that reads:

“Thank you for being a bright light in our child’s ever-expanding world.”

In celebration of teachers being bright lights in our children’s worlds, I am giving one of these pendant lamps away!

To enter, leave a comment answering the following question:

What do you like to collect?

Deadline is Thursday, May 3rd at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Friday, May 4th on the home is what you make it and colton+cadence Facebook pages (and here on the blog)!

{By the way, I have pairs and singles for sale at colton+cadence.}

home is…being a bright light in someone’s world.

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the happy elves

One of the traditions I have at Christmas is to give everybody in our immediate and extended family an ornament.

Some years I buy different ones for each person.

Some years I buy similar ornaments and personalize them with their name and the year.

Some years I make them.

Some years the kids make them.

Some years I forget to give them.

This year I was inspired to give handmade ornaments.

I just finished the last ones up today.

This was my inspiration…

Source: via Stephany on Pinterest

Although we have a backyard full of pinecones I opted to go a bit of a different route with my “merry and bright” color scheme.

In general, I used these instructions from Martha Stewart,which make these elves…

Source: via Stephany on Pinterest

Instead of using pinecones I used plastic ball ornaments and instead of using wooden beads for the heads I used model magic clay.

I also changed the shape of the shoes.

I drew the faces on with Sharpies, but would love to find a different way to paint the faces. And, I used white model magic clay…in the future I would use something with more of a skin color tint to it.

Other than that I am more than pleased with how they turned out!

My elves can’t stand up on their own, but they hang on a tree just fine.

Each ornament is unique for each person in our family…all 21 of them!

Four elves are hanging in our tree, 12 elves are on their way to New York, and 5 elves are still working on getting packaged up to get sent to Colorado!

I took some photos of the 9 that are still here at our house last night…

taking a joy ride in one of our Christmas decorations

and on the kids toys

and just hanging out in the playroom

and helping with the Christmas decor finishing touches!

Tomorrow, I will be posting a giveaway including one of these elves and some other holiday goodies.

home is…having a little holiday fun.

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tatertots and jello

{colton+cadence} the dolls

I’ve been doing instead of dreaming around here lately.

Well, to be honest, I am still dreaming of a craft room where I can accomplish all my doing, but the dining room table is working out for now.

I’ve been using my sewing machine, and I am addicted!

Between finding new ideas on Pinterest and trying them out on my machine I am having a blast.

Here is my latest project.

Meet Colton…

and Cadence…

…the dolls.

My mom used to make handmade dolls when I was little. She made them for my sister and I. Made them for gifts. And, even made life sized dolls that were used as “gag” gifts for 40th birthdays, etc.

I wanted to be able to do this for my kids, too.

And, I can!

I found this pattern and tutorial online, and tweaked it a bit.

{There were quite a few ideas and patterns on Pinterest and etsy, as well}

I plan to make lots more of these dolls in the future.

Look for them in my future monthly giveaways and possibly at colton+cadence.

On a side note , the first version of the Cadence doll went missing after only 24 hours. She is either hiding in the house somewhere, or somewhere in the SW Portland area. So, I quickly made a second version…with yarn pigtails.

home is…handmade.

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