wednesday random

Well, happy December!

Better late than never, huh?

We had a great visit with my parents, then I got sick, then it got cold.

The house is in disarray, but it’s warmer today and I am feeling better.

I actually got to shower BEFORE I took the kids to school…well, that was because I was helping with Art Literacy in Reece’s class and I figured I should be showered and dressed.

It was fun…we did a Picasso project. I love volunteering in the classroom. I am so blessed to be able to do it!

A couple of things i have pinned lately…

I absolutely LOVE this paint by number inspired tree!


 And, Serena may have inspired our family ornaments this year…so easy!!

photo 2

Did you see these typewriters in the most recent Anthropologie catalog? Beautiful, but $700?! I may just spray paint a couple of the ones I have in my garage!

photo 3

I finished up our Christmas cards this week. They went out in the mail yesterday! I will give you a more detailed view soon {yes, I did SEW mini paper bunting on over 100 cards}!

photo 1

I also made this vintage ornament wreath. Meg made one a few years ago and Erin (@tweetpotatopie) inspired me to finally make one with some of the vintage ornaments I found last year {do you remember I found an entire huge plastic tub of vintage ornaments at goodwill for $4?! I haven’t been so lucky this year}. The wreath is small…maybe only 14″ in diameter, but so much fun! I LOVE it!

So, tomorrow I clean the house and get ready to enjoy the holidays…and finish painting the cabinets and walls that I started way back in June…I told Ryan I would have it done by the end of the year. Nothing like procrastination, right?

home is…home for the holidays.

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