festival of balloons

Each June there is a balloon festival near our house. On Saturday morning we woke up at 5 am to go see the balloons launch.

balloon 1

As we walked down to the launch field these balloons flew right overhead.

balloon 2

balloon 3

balloon 4

Once onto the field, we got right next to the balloons as they filled with hot air.

balloon 5

balloon 6

balloon 7

balloon 8

balloon 9

balloon 10

balloon 11

balloon 12

balloon 13

balloon 14

There were drones with cameras flying next to the balloons. The little black spot in the photo below is one of the drones.

balloon 16

They slowly drifted south of the park.

balloon 18

Such a beautiful sight.

home is…an early morning filled with balloons.


no balloons

For the first time in the five summers of living in this house we did not make it to the Tigard Festival of Balloons.

I love to get up early beginning on Friday morning and walk down to the park to watch the balloons launch.

Unfortunately, it was rainy.



And, Sunday.

When my 5:20am alarm went off each morning, I listened for the rain, heard it on the roof, and went back to sleep.

Here are a few photos from years past…

And, you can see my posts from last year here and here.

It all worked out ok as baby girl woke up on Friday morning with a fever, so we spent the day lounging and fighting her fever.

By Saturday she was getting some energy back, so we headed out to goodwill while the boys washed Ben and took Odyssey for a swim.

We found a couple of treasures…

so, I have new projects to work on.

By Sunday afternoon, the sun began to come out…

These horses were out on my drive home from Trader Joe’s.

And, I was able to get out and enjoy my happy place a little bit.

We weren’t able to cross balloon festival off our summer list, but we’ll be working on some other items this week.

Stay tuned for a peek into our home later this week…

Oh, also…

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Kelle liked my yellow dress!

home is…no hot air, but lots of rain.