festival of balloons

Each June there is a balloon festival near our house. On Saturday morning we woke up at 5 am to go see the balloons launch.

balloon 1

As we walked down to the launch field these balloons flew right overhead.

balloon 2

balloon 3

balloon 4

Once onto the field, we got right next to the balloons as they filled with hot air.

balloon 5

balloon 6

balloon 7

balloon 8

balloon 9

balloon 10

balloon 11

balloon 12

balloon 13

balloon 14

There were drones with cameras flying next to the balloons. The little black spot in the photo below is one of the drones.

balloon 16

They slowly drifted south of the park.

balloon 18

Such a beautiful sight.

home is…an early morning filled with balloons.


5 thoughts on “festival of balloons

  1. Tilly Frueh says:

    We went to a hot air balloon festival for the first time last summer. It was beautiful. We can hardly wait until we go again this year. Your pictures were beautiful. ~ Tilly

  2. Dotson says:

    The first time I saw balloons being filled with hot air, I cried brcause it was so beautiful. It was like whales giving birth.

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