{nana and bops visit} day 5 and digital photography questions

This was Nana & Bops last full day in Oregon and the day we had to leave the beach.

Of course, it was finally beautiful and sunny!

We reluctantly left the beach to pack up the cars and head back to Portland.

We did, however, make a stop at Brewer’s on the Bay on our way home.

I am happy to finally have these posts up. It takes a long time to write a post with photos, etc. I spent hours while at my parents house in March writing my blog posts and uploading the photos. I am so thankful to be using Picasa again to create these photo collages! I take photos everyday. When we are on vacation or on an adventure I take lots of photos. I get overwhelmed by them and delay writing my posts because of that.

Do any of you have tips for cataloging photos? I love digital photography because you can just delete photos if you don’t want them, but I usually wait until they are all uploaded on my computer and them sometimes I never get around to it.

If you have any tips or tricks, please share!

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{nana and bops visit} day 3

I told you we were going on an adventure.

Well, we’re here.

Life’s a beach.

We’re visiting Bella Beach, Oregon. You will find the link in the left sidebar under in the “where i get inspired” section.

We came here with Nana last October to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

We liked it so much we decided to come to Bella Beach again when Nana and Bops said they wanted to go to the beach during their May visit.

We are staying in a different house this time…it’s right next to the one we stayed in last fall.

It’s amazing.

Ryan’s parents have the entire first floor to themselves…including a huge family room, bedroom, full bathroom and one car garage. The main floor has a big master suite with a king sized bed, the kitchen, powder bath and great room. Then the 3rd floor has a huge bedroom with two sets of bunkbeds and a queen sized bed, a second bedroom with another queen bed, a full bath, and a reading nook. Outside there is a wraparound porch with ocean views, a hot tub, huge fenced yard, and a fire pit with seating.

I could stay here for a while…

Really, I would take any of the houses in this little development.  For a full-time home or vacation home.

We could sleep 14 in this house…there are 6 of us.

We have an extra bedroom…do you want to come stay with us?!

The weather isn’t perfect, but Ryan and I sat in the hot tub tonight.

Well, it was perfect for sitting in a hot tub with a glass of wine.

We’ll probably have a fire and roast marshmallows tomorrow.

Baby girl walked in the sand for the first time tonight.

She’s also sleeping in a big bed for the first time by herself.

The kids are also sharing a room.

I am so excited to experience more family vacations like this. This is what life is all about.

The little guy is really into winning right now. So, he wanted to beat the girls (we drove two cars since we brought the dogs and don’t have room for all the gear, dogs and 6 people in just one car) to the beach house. Ryan was busy closing deals on the drive down, so the girls actually won (and we got to stop at Mojo Coffee in Lincoln City for a cup of Stumptown). Once we arrived at the house Nana answered a call on my cell phone…it was VERY important to the little guy to beat the girls to the house. So, I got in the car and drove around the corner while Nana took baby girl to the playground. We waited for the boys to “win” and then showed up at the house after they had gotten out of the truck

Here are some photos…including a couple of the boys celebrating their “win”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(I did them in a slideshow because internet is S.L.O.W. here.}

And, we will have some downtime for a couple of days before the fun starts.

Remember the “behind the scenes” action I was telling you about. Well, it’s still going on.

By the way, have I told you how much I love living in Oregon?!

Last month we were enjoying our last day out on the slopes on a perfect Spring skiing day and now we are out at the beach.

It’s gonna take a lot to convince me to ever leave this state…

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{nana and bops visit} day 1

Ryan’s parents are visiting us.

They arrived this afternoon after a long flight across country from New York.

We spent the afternoon playing outside in some of the most beautiful weather we have had all year.

We’ve got a lot of hanging out to do and an adventure planned.

Stay tuned…

For now, we all need to get some rest.

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