{nana and bops visit} day 5 and digital photography questions

This was Nana & Bops last full day in Oregon and the day we had to leave the beach.

Of course, it was finally beautiful and sunny!

We reluctantly left the beach to pack up the cars and head back to Portland.

We did, however, make a stop at Brewer’s on the Bay on our way home.

I am happy to finally have these posts up. It takes a long time to write a post with photos, etc. I spent hours while at my parents house in March writing my blog posts and uploading the photos. I am so thankful to be using Picasa again to create these photo collages! I take photos everyday. When we are on vacation or on an adventure I take lots of photos. I get overwhelmed by them and delay writing my posts because of that.

Do any of you have tips for cataloging photos? I love digital photography because you can just delete photos if you don’t want them, but I usually wait until they are all uploaded on my computer and them sometimes I never get around to it.

If you have any tips or tricks, please share!

home is…digital photography and fun with family adding up to A LOT of photos!

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