life at the lake

the kids, my parents, my sister, my niece and i spent a week at lake pend oreille in beautiful northern idaho.

the first night, reece was throwing his hook into the water…

at the lake 1

by the next day, he was catching fish all by himself with one of topher’s mepps spinners!

at the lake 5

at the lake 6

at the lake 7

uncle buzz and aunt michele have tons of water toys at their lake house…

at the lake 29

at the lake 28

at the lake 27

at the lake 26

reece and sasha got out on the jet skis with topher and uncle buzz…

at the lake 25

while lorelai played on the beach with meme.

at the lake 24

at the lake 23

at the lake 22

reece also go out on one of the hobie cats with uncle buzz…

at the lake 21

and meme got some time on the water, too.

at the lake 19

my 95 year old grandfather was up there with us, too. he couldn’t make it down the stairs to the water, but enjoyed the view from the patio…

at the lake 18

at the lake 8

my parents rented a house for all of us about 6 miles away and we ate dinner there every other night…it was a way for all of us to have some quiet time, but we still had a beautiful view of garfield bay and the lake.

at the lake 9

i ran three times while on vacation…this was my halfway/turn around point on my first run.

at the lake 10

and, here is where it ended (near the house where we were staying).

at the lake 11

running errands by boat is awesome…

at the lake 12

at the lake 13

on sunday, topher took my sister and i into town by boat so we could do a little birthday shopping for sasha. the girls rode into town with us and back to my aunt and uncle’s house with topher.

at the lake 14

at the lake 16

at the lake 15

reece and sasha made the trip back to town with topher to pick us up.

at the lake 3

at the lake 2

returning to the lake house, we were greeted by these two little dock dogs…lily and elmo belong to my cousin and his wife…

at the lake 30

that’s my cousin, greg…

at the lake 36

and, this is his beautiful wife, natalie. our first visit to the lake was for their wedding last august. they just celebrated their first wedding anniversary! (you can see the posts from their wedding here, here, here, and here)

home si

at the lake 32

at the lake 33

we took the boat out to watch greg on the air chair…he makes it looks way easier than it is.

at the lake 34

you can see topher on a jet ski in the background…marley, who is the original dock dog, was sad that she couldn’t come on the boat, so he took her for a ride on the jet ski.

at the lake 35

at the lake 37

i can’t wait to see the go pro video of all my cousins giving it a try next week (we missed their visit by a week…maybe we can all be there again together next year)!

at the lake 38

we celebrated the kids birthdays…july 5th, august 1st, and september 8th.

at the lake 40

and, watched the baby bald eagle…

at the lake 39

watch us.

at the lake 41

at the lake 43

at the lake 42

the days of playing on the lake melded together…slow, relaxing, fun…i have more photos and video on my phone that i think i will need to add in another post.

at the lake 50

looking good for 95…

at the lake 52

we took the boat into town for dinner and were joined by my cousin and his wife.

at the lake 51

uncle buzz, topher, meme, and aunt michele…a good looking bunch that make this family fun possible.

at the lake 53

at the lake 55

at the lake 54

seriously, life is good at the lake.

at the lake 57

at the lake 58

saying goodbye is hard, so instead i say, “see you next time.”

home is…one of my happy places.

nana’s visit

Ryan’s mom came to visit us for the last half of the kids spring break.

nanas visit 4

The weather was amazing, so we played outside a lot.

nanas visit 2

nanas visit 1

nanas visit 3.31


The Easter Bunny left eggs outside for the kids.

nanas visit refuge

We took a walk at the wildlife refuge.

nanas visit 4.1And took the dogs to the dog park.

Then she had to go back to snowy upstate New York.

She told us today that the spring bulbs are just starting to poke through the ground.

home is…sharing our favorite places with nana.


{hello friday} 4.5.2013

hello friday 4.5.2013 17

Just a quick hello to you on this Friday afternoon.

This weekend I will recap our Spring Break visit with Ryan’s mom.

Until then, here a few photos from the week from {m}iphone.

hello friday 4.5.2013 16

This little lady landed on my chair when we were sitting outside enjoying our beautiful spring break weather.

hello friday 4.5.2013 13

hello friday 4.5.2013 2

Odyssey and I have started sharing coffee outside when it is warm and dry enough.

hello friday 4.5.2013 10

We also shared a great run down to the river on Wednesday morning. I can’t wait to do it again!

hello friday 4.5.2013 15

hello friday 4.5.2013 14

hello friday 4.5.2013 12

hello friday 4.5.2013 9

Lorelai has figured out that she can do just about anything her brother can do and has started to write her name, ride a bike, run after the dogs on our walks, and make her own puddles to splash in when it is not raining.

hello friday 4.5.2013 18

Her brother taught her how to climb this pallet to talk to the boys next door.

hello friday 4.5.2013 8

She also loves to paint and draw.

hello friday 4.5.2013 7

This was her drawing and imitation of a butterfly.

hello friday 4.5.2013 1

hello friday 4.5.2013 4

The wild cherry tree that hangs over our yard from our neighbors yard is full of white flowers.

hello friday 4.5.2013 5

Yesterday, after enjoying a cozy rainy afternoon in front of the fire, the kids yelled, “Mom! It’s sunny and it’s snowing!”

hello friday 4.5.2013 6

We went outside to dance in the snow and enjoy the brief sunbreak.

hello friday 4.5.2013 3

The kids also go dive bombed by a hummingbird when they were up on their pallet perch looking into the neighbors yard.

Happy weekend eve, ya’ll!

home is…spring in the pacific northwest.

a beautiful day

Yesterday we took a trip up to the mountain where the sun was shining.


Reece got up on skis for the third year in a row!

We’re ready to hand him off to some instructors next time so he can really learn, but I think he is doing awesome.








Lorelai  wasn’t ready to start skiing, but she had fun playing in the snow and making a fashion statement.







Don’t be surprised if you start to see tutu’s over ski pants all over the slopes!








She liked spinning, not skiing.












Both of them liked throwing snowballs.



It was a beautiful day!

home is…lots of smiles.

gone fishin’

Ryan gathered some of his buddies and their kids and took them fishing on Saturday.

It’s one of our favorite morning activities during the summer.

The river is just minutes from our house.

Crawfish, Bass, Carp…it really doesn’t matter what you are catching.

Baby girl and I brought some crumb cake and coffee and just watched the action.

home is…sharing fun with friends.