{hello friday} 4.5.2013

hello friday 4.5.2013 17

Just a quick hello to you on this Friday afternoon.

This weekend I will recap our Spring Break visit with Ryan’s mom.

Until then, here a few photos from the week from {m}iphone.

hello friday 4.5.2013 16

This little lady landed on my chair when we were sitting outside enjoying our beautiful spring break weather.

hello friday 4.5.2013 13

hello friday 4.5.2013 2

Odyssey and I have started sharing coffee outside when it is warm and dry enough.

hello friday 4.5.2013 10

We also shared a great run down to the river on Wednesday morning. I can’t wait to do it again!

hello friday 4.5.2013 15

hello friday 4.5.2013 14

hello friday 4.5.2013 12

hello friday 4.5.2013 9

Lorelai has figured out that she can do just about anything her brother can do and has started to write her name, ride a bike, run after the dogs on our walks, and make her own puddles to splash in when it is not raining.

hello friday 4.5.2013 18

Her brother taught her how to climb this pallet to talk to the boys next door.

hello friday 4.5.2013 8

She also loves to paint and draw.

hello friday 4.5.2013 7

This was her drawing and imitation of a butterfly.

hello friday 4.5.2013 1

hello friday 4.5.2013 4

The wild cherry tree that hangs over our yard from our neighbors yard is full of white flowers.

hello friday 4.5.2013 5

Yesterday, after enjoying a cozy rainy afternoon in front of the fire, the kids yelled, “Mom! It’s sunny and it’s snowing!”

hello friday 4.5.2013 6

We went outside to dance in the snow and enjoy the brief sunbreak.

hello friday 4.5.2013 3

The kids also go dive bombed by a hummingbird when they were up on their pallet perch looking into the neighbors yard.

Happy weekend eve, ya’ll!

home is…spring in the pacific northwest.

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