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wednesday random

Well, happy December!

Better late than never, huh?

We had a great visit with my parents, then I got sick, then it got cold.

The house is in disarray, but it’s warmer today and I am feeling better.

I actually got to shower BEFORE I took the kids to school…well, that was because I was helping with Art Literacy in Reece’s class and I figured I should be showered and dressed.

It was fun…we did a Picasso project. I love volunteering in the classroom. I am so blessed to be able to do it!

A couple of things i have pinned lately…

I absolutely LOVE this paint by number inspired tree!


 And, Serena may have inspired our family ornaments this year…so easy!!

photo 2

Did you see these typewriters in the most recent Anthropologie catalog? Beautiful, but $700?! I may just spray paint a couple of the ones I have in my garage!

photo 3

I finished up our Christmas cards this week. They went out in the mail yesterday! I will give you a more detailed view soon {yes, I did SEW mini paper bunting on over 100 cards}!

photo 1

I also made this vintage ornament wreath. Meg made one a few years ago and Erin (@tweetpotatopie) inspired me to finally make one with some of the vintage ornaments I found last year {do you remember I found an entire huge plastic tub of vintage ornaments at goodwill for $4?! I haven’t been so lucky this year}. The wreath is small…maybe only 14″ in diameter, but so much fun! I LOVE it!

So, tomorrow I clean the house and get ready to enjoy the holidays…and finish painting the cabinets and walls that I started way back in June…I told Ryan I would have it done by the end of the year. Nothing like procrastination, right?

home is…home for the holidays.


My name is Stephany, and I am addicted to thrifting.

And, collecting…

Vintage globes.

Vintage Pyrex.

Vintage toys.

Vintage scales.

Vintage map puzzles.

Vintage games.

Vintage thermos’.

Vintage children’s books.

Vintage school chairs and desks.

Vintage suitcases.

Vintage paint by number artwork.

Vintage afghans and quilts.

And my newest obsession…

Vintage flash cards.

I’ve got some fun ideas for these. You can see some of them on my thrifting Pinterest board.

home is…collecting treasures.

{our home} is what thrifting makes it

I started “thrifting” a few months ago.

I’ve always liked to go “treasure hunting“…at antique stores, the Farm Chicks show, and other local markets/shoppes.

Initially, I went through a run when I would stop at a Goodwill almost every day of the week.

Through thrifting, I have been able to finally turn my house into the home I had imagined on a budget that is realistic.

It has recharged my creativity…for crafts and interior design.

Not to mention, I’ve started a few collections…

Vintage children’s books, map puzzles, embroidery hoops, vintage toys, globes, scales, vintage board games funky old artwork, and vintage pyrex.

I no longer go everyday, but you can bet if I drive by a Goodwill that I will most likely pull into that parking lot for a quick look around.

These photos are from my sewing desk…I don’t actually sew there, but it stores my sewing machine, fabric, and other pretty stuff.

It makes me happy.

Oh, and I have ALWAYS collected Mary Engelbreit stuff.

What recharges your creativity?

Do you collect anything?

home is…creatively recharged.