quick catch up…

Just a quick catch up from me!

Welcome to all of my new followers, and thank you for visiting!

Between my SITS day, a Facebook feature, and a blog critique party my blog has been busy.

I, however, have not been busy blogging!

I did want to mention a few things I have learned over the last few days…

First, from all the SITS girls that visited and left comments…you all are really nice people!! If I am feeling down, I am just going to go back and read through some of your thoughtful comments. You all made this momma very happy!

Second, I have to start watermarking my photos! I have heard about this a lot…through Instagram, Pinterest, and, most recently, through the blog critique I participated in (you can read more about that here and see the checklist we used here). 

Third, I am far from a “grand opening” of my etsy shop, colton+cadence. I might have a “soft” opening and get a few items in there occasionally, but until both kids are in school this fall I do not have the time to dedicate to it. So, I want you all to stay tuned…I will post on my home is… Facebook page and the colton+cadence Facebook page when I put any items in the shop. So, “like” those Facebook pages to get the most updated information!

Fourth, having a four year old is harder than having a two year old…and I have both! Man, if you have or have had a four year old (particularly a 4 year old boy) please tell me I am not crazy! He’s majorly testing his boundaries and it is majorly testing my patience, energy, and emotions. He is like “dr. jekyll and mr. hyde” lately. Last time I had a not so terrible two year old, I also had a newborn, so I don’t remember much of it…and it really never seemed that bad (although my husband will tell you that I told him otherwise in all the texts I sent him that first year of having 2 kiddos). Anyway, I know {like everything else we have gone through with kids} that this too shall pass, but I hope it passes SOON!

{yes, that blur in the background is his two year old sister}

Fifth, thank you to Jennifer and Amy for critiquing my blog. I found your critiques very insightful and will make some changes based on them! I also had fun critiquing (and visiting) Amy’s creative blog. And, I made a visit to Jennifer’s beautiful blog, as well!

Finally, if you are a blogger (or photographer, or computer geek) how do you watermark your photos?

(for photo software I am currently using iPhoto and Picasa…I make my collages and add text in Picasa)

home is…trying to keep a calm center.

{gallery wall} take one

Our walls have been bare for almost 4 years in this house.

I put something up for a short time and then find that I am not happy with it.

As you may have read, when I get frustrated I move furniture, but hanging art on walls just makes me frustrated. It’s a vicious cycle.

Hanging artwork seems permanent to me…which means I can’t move furniture around.

Now that our furniture is finally placed where I am happy with it (for now) I have wanted to hang some artwork on the walls. Ideas have floated around in my head from photos I have seen on other blogs and Pinterest. Nothing really forced me to put any holes in the wall, though.

Recently, we have been talking about getting the walls in our house painted. I would like to make holes in the walls pre-paint so that the painter can patch any mistakes and our walls with be nice and clean.

Then it all started with this…

We had this photo taken over a year ago and I finally ordered a wrapped canvas with a coupon I got from Sharing Spree.

I was thrilled when I received it and decided I had better put it up on the wall!

So, one afternoon, I just started hanging my black frames. Some already have photos in them, some need updated photos, and some just need photos!

This is a tall wall in our entryway. Below it is a bench that I have had since I was a little girl. This is where the kids keep their shoes, etc. It faces our playroom, which also has artwork with black frames including a large bulletin board which displays the kids artwork, Christmas cards, or other fun things depending on the time of the year.

Of course, after I got everything up on the wall I found about five more frames to add, and  have Ryan’s Father’s Day gift to hang up on the wall.

The good thing is that there are more walls or more room on this wall!

The other good news is that I have started to put holes in the walls. Now I just need to continue with all the original artwork we have stored in our attic and some other prints that I would like to get framed.

Wish me luck!

home is…making progress on wall at a time.

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{summer in snapshots} week one

Like I told you all last week, I will be taking part in the Starfish Blog’s linky party every Wednesday this summer for her Summer in Snapshots series.

So, here it goes…

Monday, June 13th: No photos…not even sure what we did that day, but since I didn’t even know about the Summer in Snapshots series I guess it’s OK!

Tuesday, June 14th:  We played outside most of the day, and had to take a quick trip to Urgent Care after baby girl got hit in the face with a shovel.

Wednesday, June 15th:  We went to Cook Park to take photos for Ryan’s Father’s Day gift.

Thursday, June 16th:  I didn’t take any photos…our babysitter came over and I ran errands to get ready for the weekend and playgroup.

Friday, June 17th:  We opened presents in the morning to celebrate my 36th birthday…

and enjoyed a morning at the park with our friends from Friday Playgroup.

While baby girl napped, I relaxed and watched the little guy wash his cars.

After dinner we had ice cream cake!

Saturday, June 18th:  Ryan and I had a date night…dinner and shopping!

Sunday, June 19th:  We celebrated Father’s Day as a family. Baby girl and I met the boys down at the river for some fishing!

I am so excited to take part in this series! This will make me be more deliberate with my blog posts, and be sure that we are taking photos as we cross things off of our own summer list! I will probably have more than one photo a day as I find it hard to just pick one when I take so many photos…hope you don’t mind!

Finally, Emily at Jones Design Company also linked up today…she has a great tutorial on how to make photo collages using Picasa. I’m going to have to give it a try!

home is…crossing things off of our summer list and having FUN!

poppa’s gift from the kids

I was thrilled with how the gift idea I had for the kids Poppa, a.k.a. my hubby or Ryan, turned out.

I used large paper mache letters that I found at JoAnn Fabrics, painted them with black paint, dressed the kids up, headed to the park with a wagon full of props in tow and came up with this.

Here are some outtakes from our photo session…

There are a lot of photos that I wanted to use, but they just didn’t work to spell out “POPPA”, I’ll have to come up with something fun for all for the other cute photos.

I also had multiple prints of the photos I did decide to use printed out. I am going to put some in an accordian type album for Ryan to take on the road with him when he travels for work…might have to use my new sewing machine for that project!

As for my own father’s gift…he will be visiting us in less than 2 weeks to spend 5 days at the Oregon Coast and we will treat him to a seafood lunch at Mo’s in Lincoln City!

home is…the joy of giving gifts to those that you love.

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bloggers with good ideas

Did you see the Jones Design Company post this morning about the Summer in Snapshots series on the Starfish blog?


I had never visited the Starfish blog, but quickly decided to add it to my list of blogs in my RSS reader.

I am going to try to take part in the Wednesday linky party every week.

Did you see that she was inspired to put together a Summer List after reading Meg’s blog?


This will be a good way for me to document our summer fun without having to type a blog post each day!

I will still be posting a photo of the day. I’m going to try to capture more than just my kiddos, but they are my favorite subject!

home is…sharing good ideas through blogging.