my husband rocks

This is the new view from our kitchen window…

Ryan spent all day finishing the railing so the kids are safe.

We will stain the railing, add stairs from the grass, and a rope ladder next to one of the trees on the back.

Now all we need is beautiful weather for having our friends over to play!

home is…a husband who has made his wife and kids very happy.

playhouse: phase 1

So, last Friday I was able to get to Costco and pick up the playhouse! I am so excited!

Today the little guy and I took a trip to Costco for some necessities, and we took a look at the playhouse.

While he wanted to climb all over the mammoth playstructure on display next to it I was able to convince him to take a look at the smaller playhouse.

He liked it.

He wanted us to take one home.

This afternoon I had a conversation with the little guy about the playhouse while we were roasting fruit snacks over our imaginary campfire (heating vent).

Me: “That playhouse at Costco was cool, wasn’t it?”

Little Guy: “Yeah. I want one.”

M: “We’ll talk to Poppa about it. Where would we put a playhouse like that?”

LG: “I know! We could put it in the backyard.  We have plenty of room in the grass out there.”

M: “When would you play in it?”

LG: “In the summer.”

M: “What would you do in it?”

LG: “I would play with my little sister-wister.”

The stage is set.

The next step is to get a plan drawn out for the platform in between the trees. I will need to consult my treehouse building books for that one!

home is…being more excited about a playhouse than my kids are!

resorting to plan b

Since last summer I have wanted to build a playhouse/treehouse in the backyard for the kids.  We spend a lot of time playing outside when the weather gets nice around here and I think something like this would be awesome…

We have five huge Douglas Fir trees in our backyard.  While I wouldn’t actually build the playhouse in the trees, I do want to build it between the trees.

Aren’t the treehouse’s above incredible? I found them at the TreeHouse Workshop located in Seattle. Wouldn’t it be fun to build and design treehouse’s for a living?!

I also bought a bunch of books about how to build a playhouse and had a vision in my mind. My dad made a quick sketch based on what I told him because I thought he might be able to help us build it during one of their visits out here.

Well, it didn’t get done last summer…or fall.  My parents were only here for 1-1/2 days last fall and on one of those days we had baby girls birthday party.  Needless to say, we did not get around to building a playhouse. While my husband is handy, it is hard to find the time to spend on such a big project.

So here we sit with spring and summer approaching, and I still want the playhouse for the kids. With the only visit planned from my dad being in July (and we are going to go to the Oregon Coast), I am having to resort to plan b.

Enter Costco.

I was at Costco last week and found this:

While it is not perfect, it is close enough to what I want and we can do some extra handy work to embellish it and make it critter resistant (we have squirrels, skunks, raccoons, etc. that visit our backyard at night).

What we will need to build is the platform in between the trees which will end up being a deck around the playhouse (and maybe a bit of storage underneath).

The Costco playhouse also has these added features that would have been more $ to add to any playhouse that we build ourselves:

I made a deal with my husband that I would make (find) the money to buy it. Last week, I sold our single BOB Revolution and made enough money to buy the playhouse!

The bummer is that my husband has been out of town since Saturday, and I have not been able to get over to Costco to purchase the playhouse. I am hoping and praying that they still have it in stock this weekend when I plan to go buy it!

This little playhouse is going to add a nice dimension and some color to our backyard. I can’t wait!

Wish me luck at Costco.

home is…being happy with plan b (and hoping I don’t have to figure out a plan c)!