{batman room} piecing the puzzle together

The little guy loves Batman.

Last year he received a huge plastic tub of matchbox cars from our next door neighbors. In it there were two Batmobiles, which quickly became his favorites. He took them everywhere…even slept with them at night.

I told him about Batman and soon his love for anything Batman grew.

He declared his 4th birthday a Batman birthday, has said he wants to be a Batmobile driver when he grows up, and wants to wear a Batman shirt or Batman colors (blue, grey, black and yellow) everyday!

So, I decided to grow his room up a bit from the “Go, dog. Go!” theme to a Batman theme.

I’ve collected Batman decor since last summer and slowly but surely have gotten some of it done.

It is still a work in progress, but close to being finished.

When it is done I will do a full room tour, but for now I wanted to show you the main piece of artwork and how it came to be.

I have loved all the Batman themed items that Pottery Barn has carried for the last year, but didn’t want to just put together a Pottery Barn Batman room.

About a month ago I took a quick trip to the mall by myself and found this at Pottery Barn Kids…

Source: potterybarnkids.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

I had an large empty frame from IKEA and some Mod Podge at home, and immediately knew what I was going to do.

{I apologize for the not so great quality of the photos..taken with my iPhone, at night, indoors}

I opened up the frame, took out the mat, and started piecing the puzzle together on the floor.

Once I was done piecing it together, I slipped the back of the frame under the mat and started painting on the Mod Podge with a foam brush.

I carried it to the dining room table to let it dry over night.

The next morning I did another coat of Mod Podge and let it dry.

Once it was completely dry I placed it in the frame.

It took the little guy some getting used to, so it did not immediately go up on his wall.

It is hanging up there now and I love how it looks.

The puzzle is 24″ x 36″, with about and 1-1/2″ of mat underneath and the black frame. It definitely makes a statement.

I will have a full room reveal soon.

Stay tuned…same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

home is…not just a Pottery Barn Batman room.

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shopping for inspiration

If you take a walk through our home and inventory where the furniture came from you will find this:


2. Pottery Barn

3. Crate & Barrel

Although I enjoyed ordering custom furniture that I had never sat in (or had even seen more than a photo of) with fabric that I just saw a swatch of for the clients I used to do work for, I like to sit in, touch and feel the furniture that goes into our own home.

I have always loved furniture and homegoods stores. I remember the old FB Design (or was it FB Home, I can’t remember) in the old Southglenn Mall in Denver. I loved going there with my parents (this was when i was under the age of 8 because after that we moved away to Fort Collins and when we moved back FB Design was no more).

This week baby girl and I were busy running errands on Tuesday so we had our adventure day on Wednesday.

We went to IKEA!

When I shop, I mainly shop for inspiration. This is what I was inspired by…

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home is…going shopping for inspiration.