{summer in snapshots} week three

I am participating in the {Starfish} blog Summer in Snapshots again this week.

We spent most of week three getting prepared for a visit from Meme and Topher that included a trip to the Oregon Coast to celebrate the 4th of July and the little guy’s birthday. We left for Bella Beach soon after Meme and Topher arrived from Colorado on Friday and were at Bella Beach through Tuesday. I am going to do a separate post about our Oregon Coast adventure, so I included shots from our week prior to Friday.

Between packing and errands, we went to the pool, played baseball in the backyard, had a bit of mommy time, made up our own games, checked the forecast, made the playhouse patriotic, ate dinner outside, and went berry picking.

I think we even crossed a couple of things off our summer list!

home is…making the most of the summer.

{summer in snapshots} week two

Linking up on The {Starfish} Blog today…

Monday, June 20th: lazy day

Baby girl was proud of herself for stealthily stealing all of the chocolate chips out of her brothers oatmeal!

Tuesday, June 21st: 1st day at the pool

Wednesday, June 22nd: tryon creek state natural area

Thursday, June 23rd:  bubbles in the backyard

Friday, June 24th: tigard festival of balloons

The little guy and I had an early morning date at the Tigard Festival of Balloons balloon launch. We left the house at 5:30 while baby girl and Ryan were sound asleep. We walked down to Cook Park with our hot chocolate and coffee and saw this…

Later in the day the little guy, baby girl and I went back down to the park to the carnival to ride some rides and play some games!

Saturday, June 25th:  tigard festival of balloons

We’ve been going to the balloon festival the last four summers since we moved into this house. This year was the best weather we have had yet.

Saturday morning was beautiful!

The sun was shining and burning off the fog down near the river. We spent some extra time down at the park after the balloons launched just soaking up the beautiful Pacific Northwest morning.

Sunday, June 26th:  walk to the bridge

On the other side of the park where the balloon festival takes place there is a natural area and a pedestrian bridge over the Tualatin River. This is where Ryan runs and swims the dogs and where we sometime just go to throw rocks in the river and have a nice family outing.

We crossed a few things off our summer list this week and are excited to cross off a few more next week. Stay tuned…

home is…a fun 1st full week of summer.

check one off the list…kind of

This is actually something we did on June 5th, but I am just getting around to blogging about it.

The plan a was to walk to Bridgeport Village, have lunch, get frozen yogurt, play at the play structure and walk home. We were a bit slow to get going and by the time we were dressed and ready I realized that the tires on the BOB were flat and our little home pump wasn’t working to blow them up.

On to plan b…

One of the reasons I wanted to walk was because I hadn’t re-installed the carseats in my car. So, now I had to get the carseats in the car so we could drive up to Bridgeport for our adventure. No big deal as they had to go back in the car anyway.

So, a quick drive over to Bridgeport and we were on our adventure! Superhero capes and all!

The kids chose bagels for lunch. We have frequented the Noah’s over there since we moved into our house. The employees who have been at that store for a while know us by name and have watched the kids grow up. It’s comfortable, quick and kid friendly.

After lunch, Lola {baby girl} was upset because she didn’t think she was done eating. I told her that she would be happy about our next stop and to just follow me. We walked down the sidewalk to Peachwave and the kids got to pick out their own frozen yogurt and toppings. It was a definite hit and will definitely be a regular stop this summer.

Beau Bo {the little guy’s nickname from his sister} was ready to go to the playstructure. He was ready to walk, but I opted to drive across the street since we were without the stroller and I did not know how long Lola would last since we were creeping up on naptime.

The kids played together, independently, and with others. It was a wonderful morning!

We’ll walk up there another day this summer to make our “official” check on our list!

home is…having fun with our summer list!

bloggers with good ideas

Did you see the Jones Design Company post this morning about the Summer in Snapshots series on the Starfish blog?


I had never visited the Starfish blog, but quickly decided to add it to my list of blogs in my RSS reader.

I am going to try to take part in the Wednesday linky party every week.

Did you see that she was inspired to put together a Summer List after reading Meg’s blog?


This will be a good way for me to document our summer fun without having to type a blog post each day!

I will still be posting a photo of the day. I’m going to try to capture more than just my kiddos, but they are my favorite subject!

home is…sharing good ideas through blogging.

summer list

I planned to make a list of things to do for the summer. I had the idea in my head, but then saw it here, too!

This list is just the fun stuff.

The things we WANT to do.

Here is our 1st Annual Summer List…

I am SOOOO ready for this sometimes sunny, but mostly rainy spring weather to end here in the Pacific Northwest.

We are only one week into summer vacation and I already have cabin fever.

We need the sun and warm temperatures to do most of the things on our list!

home is..waiting for the sun to shine.