check one off the list…kind of

This is actually something we did on June 5th, but I am just getting around to blogging about it.

The plan a was to walk to Bridgeport Village, have lunch, get frozen yogurt, play at the play structure and walk home. We were a bit slow to get going and by the time we were dressed and ready I realized that the tires on the BOB were flat and our little home pump wasn’t working to blow them up.

On to plan b…

One of the reasons I wanted to walk was because I hadn’t re-installed the carseats in my car. So, now I had to get the carseats in the car so we could drive up to Bridgeport for our adventure. No big deal as they had to go back in the car anyway.

So, a quick drive over to Bridgeport and we were on our adventure! Superhero capes and all!

The kids chose bagels for lunch. We have frequented the Noah’s over there since we moved into our house. The employees who have been at that store for a while know us by name and have watched the kids grow up. It’s comfortable, quick and kid friendly.

After lunch, Lola {baby girl} was upset because she didn’t think she was done eating. I told her that she would be happy about our next stop and to just follow me. We walked down the sidewalk to Peachwave and the kids got to pick out their own frozen yogurt and toppings. It was a definite hit and will definitely be a regular stop this summer.

Beau Bo {the little guy’s nickname from his sister} was ready to go to the playstructure. He was ready to walk, but I opted to drive across the street since we were without the stroller and I did not know how long Lola would last since we were creeping up on naptime.

The kids played together, independently, and with others. It was a wonderful morning!

We’ll walk up there another day this summer to make our “official” check on our list!

home is…having fun with our summer list!

One thought on “check one off the list…kind of

  1. kathy says:

    What a wonderful day… even with the problem with Bob (it was not inflated when we visited, by the way… slow leak?) You enjoyed the day anyway!

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