whoo, whoo, whooo…

I’m back…

Well, just for a really quick post…then back to our official “last day of summer”!

Have I mentioned the owls that I hear almost every night in the Douglas Fir trees out behind our house? It is a calming, yet haunting sound to fall asleep to, or wake up to in the middle of the night. I am not sure what kind of owl they are, but I’d love to find out.

{I did send a crude recording of them to my family, and my dad, who knows a lot about wildlife seems to think they might be Great Horned Owls…cool, huh?}

And, wondering about the owls got me to thinking.

I know I have said that I write this blog for me.

I do.

I write for me because it feels good to do it.

I write for my children so they will have a written and photographic “history” of their childhood.

I write for the family (and friends) who we live far away from so that they can feel a part of our lives.

I also write for you. Whoever you may be and for whatever reason you may read.

I DO care who reads my blog.

And, I would like to know who you are.

Who, whoo, whooo…

Who are you?

You all know a lot about me, and I am a bit curious about you.

I can look at the stats on my blog and see just that “stats”, but I don’t get to see the real people behind those stats.

Can you all do me a favor?

Whether you are a first time reader, someone who reads everyday, or somebody who just stumbled across my blog looking for something else, please leave me a comment…

  • let me know who you are
  • how you came across my blog
  • why you read my blog
  • if you have a blog of your own, please let me know

I’m just curious.

home is…knowing a little bit about you.