whoo, whoo, whooo…

I’m back…

Well, just for a really quick post…then back to our official “last day of summer”!

Have I mentioned the owls that I hear almost every night in the Douglas Fir trees out behind our house? It is a calming, yet haunting sound to fall asleep to, or wake up to in the middle of the night. I am not sure what kind of owl they are, but I’d love to find out.

{I did send a crude recording of them to my family, and my dad, who knows a lot about wildlife seems to think they might be Great Horned Owls…cool, huh?}

And, wondering about the owls got me to thinking.

I know I have said that I write this blog for me.

I do.

I write for me because it feels good to do it.

I write for my children so they will have a written and photographic “history” of their childhood.

I write for the family (and friends) who we live far away from so that they can feel a part of our lives.

I also write for you. Whoever you may be and for whatever reason you may read.

I DO care who reads my blog.

And, I would like to know who you are.

Who, whoo, whooo…

Who are you?

You all know a lot about me, and I am a bit curious about you.

I can look at the stats on my blog and see just that “stats”, but I don’t get to see the real people behind those stats.

Can you all do me a favor?

Whether you are a first time reader, someone who reads everyday, or somebody who just stumbled across my blog looking for something else, please leave me a comment…

  • let me know who you are
  • how you came across my blog
  • why you read my blog
  • if you have a blog of your own, please let me know

I’m just curious.

home is…knowing a little bit about you.

9 thoughts on “whoo, whoo, whooo…

  1. pdxhadey says:

    Hello! It’s me, pdxhadey from Instagram! You can just call me Hadey (rhymes with hottie…hehe). I found your blog from following you on Instagram, and enjoy reading your stories and seeing the projects you work on around the house. I don’t have a blog, so don’t worry, you’re not missing anything. 😉

  2. Megan says:

    I’m Megan… your very favorite, youngest SIL. I read you blog every day in my email and I LOVE IT! I love your decorating and repurposing ideas and I have enjoyed reading some other blogs that you have linked to. But my very favorite thing is reading about your everyday adventures with my sweet nephew and niece. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to live far away from all of you, but reading your blog makes me feel more connected to your family and I love feeling more a part of your lives in this way. I especially like that I am getting to know you, Steph, much more. I like you and I love you!!!

  3. Ryan Taddeo says:

    I am your husband, and I found your blog when you sent me the link to it! :). I read it for just about the same reasons you write it. I think it’s a great digital scrapbook for the 2 shrimps at home and truly find it a great way to feel more connected to you and the kids and your activities. Life can get pretty busy, and sometimes conversations (if that’s what we cam call some of the 30 second interrogations we have – “how are the kids? How are you?” “everything is fine, how’s work?”. “Fine. Okay, I gotta’ go.”) cover just the essential topics of safety and sanity, whereas the blog helps me feel like I’m there even when I’m not.

  4. kathy says:

    I’m your MIL and I read your blog and respond when I can because it’s a great way to find out what our family-across-the-country is up to and to feel a part of your family life even when I cannot be there. MY grands are growing and changing so quickly, so much is happening with your family…. and I am very lucky to have a DIL who writes and photographs family life for me. ILY

  5. Kam says:

    I am a friend that you used to work with 🙂 & former Diva 😉
    I may not follow the blog every day, but I do read them all and although I may not comment all that often….
    I really do love to follow your blog and activities with the kids as well as all your projects and your creativity and great ideas for the kids and the house!
    It’s a great way for your friends that may live closer, but don’t get to see you nearly enough to follow along with your life and all of your family adventures as the kids grow up!!! Miss you girl!

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