Farmers Markets

It’s almost time for Farmers Markets here in the Northwest! I love this time of year. Spending Saturday morning looking through fresh produce and flowers has been something I look forward to each Spring.

It started with the Boulder County Farmers Market when my parents would come up to Boulder to visit me when I was attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. We would go to breakfast at Rocky Mountain Joe’s and then head to the Boulder County Farmers Market. After college we would plan Saturday’s to meet up in Boulder and do the same thing. Once I was married and my husband and I lived near the Cherry Creek area of Denver, we would hit the Cherry Creek Farmers Market. It didn’t quite have the atmosphere of the Boulder County Farmers Market, but had the wonderful aroma of fresh roasted peppers in the air.

Now that we live in the Northwest we are blessed with the bounty of what the Oregon and Washington farmers have to offer. It is, by far, more than the markets in Colorado had to offer! I am looking forward to coming home with fresh strawberries and asparagus on our first few visits. The additions will come each week, with some coming and going faster than others, until pumpkins at the end of October. These days, I especially love watching our son eat the berries fresh out of the containers while we pull him around in his Radio Flyer wagon!

Here is a listing of websites for some of our favorite Farmers Markets:

These websites should have dates and times listed for each of the markets. In addition, you can visit to find Farmers Markets in your area.

Finally, if you know of a Farmers Market in the Portland area that has fresh roasted peppers will you please leave a comment and let me know where it is? That is definitely something the Colorado Farmers Markets had to offer that we can’t find here in Oregon!

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